Springtime ALLERGIES anyone??!

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  1. I have had a terrible time lately with exhaustion, swollen glands, sinus problems. The dr and I decided springtime allergies are probably part of the cause. Has anyone tried xyzal allergy medicine? She gave me samples to try, she forgot to tell me when its a good time to take it. I hate to take a new med as I have so many problems. I hope it doesn't make me tired as I already am. I am allergic to tree pollen, mold, animals, etc. etc. anyone else have allergies? what do u take?
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    My daughter takes xysal and veramist nose spray when when she starts getting the onset of her bad allergies. Usually twice a year she has to deal with it. It has really helped her a lot. Good luck with it.

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    I tested allergic to everything but two kinds of trees. Did shots for two yrs and stopped.

    Been taking more mucinex lately,thats about it.
  4. well I took it at 2 in the afternoon and was awake all night! What the heck! Should I take it first thing in the morning or?
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    Right now my allergies are at their worst! I have been on generic Allegra for a few years now with success. When they get really bad I add in a nasal spray called Astelin. I do not like the way the Astelin makes me feel so only do that when desparate!

    We have been having high winds this past week and I can see the pollen flying through the air! I went to a new nature center at a lagoon nearby and was so ill for two days afterward. I mean just miserable! I am better now.

    I would try the medication in the am if it kept you up all night. For sure! I haven't heard of that med probably because it is new. Is it costly?

  6. Sorry it was xyzal allergy medicine, the dr gave me samples to try, its new. Today I am using my nasonex. I still think its virus infection like she originally said, I am beyond exhausted and my glands in entire neck are so sore.

    the pharmacist said to take it in the morning and then it should eventually let me sleep. I will try it once more then FORGET IT! I will use my netti pot instead.
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    Whoa, yes, xyzal is a new medicine! I just checked the Costco price and a 30 day supply is 97.76 My generic Allegra is 17.57 for a 30 day supply. Okay, I think I will stick with what I have for now.

    GL Hope you feel better soon.
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    In fact, in the 12 years I've lived in SW FL, I've never had anything like it. I've had allergies for the last year but just recently, they hit a new high. I'm not alone. Since Christmas, we have been selling OTC allergy and cold meds like crazy. People have a chronic cough which the docs are calling, "The Cough of 100 Days." I'm on about day 80 now and it gets better and then gets worse again. Oy!

    Two months ago, I had severe acute bronchitis. Three ABX courses later and my chest is clear and there is no post-nasal drip. Still, my throat will feel as though it's closing up and I choke. Other times, it tickles and causes a dry cough. Some nights, it keeps me up. I usually take about half a dose of Niquil just before I go to sleep. If I trake a whole dose, along with my Klonopin, I wake up feeling groggy.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Wow sorekitty I am positive my insurance won't pay for that one then! Is allegra a script or over the counter? I need one that isn't drowsy, or keeps me awake at night OR affects my bladder. Geesh on second thought I may just forget it!

    I am buying some musinex though as I have alot of sinus drainage.