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    From your post on chat - Oh, I was so grieving for the terrible situation with the poor dog, and children. How wonderful that you took over, and helped the children!!! I know it was horrible for you to go through! That poor dog is now at peace, without pain or fear - being happy in it's doggy way. And maybe you did save other dogs from being hurt in that terribly cruel way!

    I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you and the children - so difficult when their parents were just at that time in the hospital. And praying for you to recuperate.

    And thank you for all the prayers you have been praying for me. I had to take a break from my therapy this week. It's the first time I have a therapist who understands ME/CFS, and she suggested I just rest and heal. I felt so cared for.

    We're in the middle of a snow-storm here - the lights have flickered a few times. But it's not severe like the rest of the country.

    Take care, dear friend.

    Blessings to you and your family!

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    Thank you for your prayers, Judy. I truly appreciate you and all the others who wrote regarding the little dog. Well, he wasnt so little, of medium height, lithe and shiny jet black; I was familiar with him when he used to come loping sometimes down our lane, months before, and oh what a happy happy dog; I commented on his springy lope, and laughed at him and he laughed back (I think) and looked at me with sparkly eyes..and loped on ahead of me and sniffed at all our dogs, thru the gate gridding, tail wagging furiously. My dogs alas, did not respond in kind. One of them, Joey sniffed back for a moment, puzzled at this strange bouncy dog, and then stood back and started barking furiously, while Blackie put his ears back and looked puzzled, but still smiling. I am used to dogs but this dog was alive with the joy of being in every fibre of his body and soul. He didnt walk, he leapt and sprung and smiled.

    It was particularly hard to see him brought down like that by the Lord knows what disease it was. The janitors wife who took him in was very fond of him. And the school principal would buy him treats of biscuits altho he was such a busy man.

    Even putting down dogs are a religious dilemma. I had to make the decision years before when my Yoogi of nine years got distemper and was fading away. She was suffering so much i phoned my husbands uncle who is very religious and practises Tibetan Buddhism to the T and asked him if i were allowed to put the dog down or was it a sin. he said of course its a sin. Well, sin or no sin....i decided to end the misery but little Yoogi solved the dilemma by breathing her last just as the doctor reached our gate outside.

    This time, was easier in a way. I thought of what i would have wanted for myself in that situation, extreme unrelenting pain and no hope of recovery or peace and freedom from that kind of suffering. And if i have to reincarnate an extra lifetime or two to recompense for this, so be it. If.

    Also the recovery has been easier altho i would tear up for two days afterwards when thinking of what it went thru. But your words and the kind words of comfort of others have helped ease the hurt and anger and brought me peace.

    Judy, i have seen so many extra nice people or animals go thru immense suffering; sometimes i am tempted to think they are being taken away for a reason; or they are being given particularly difficult trials for a reason.

    Nowadays i like to sit for some time and visualise everyone, everything free from suffering. No evil, no poverty, no disease, no fear, every animal and human in harmony. Its a wonderful feeling, if, for a few seconds.

    I am sure taking a break from your therapy was the right thing to do, i can only imagine what you have gone through..for you to be overwhelmed like this during therapy. But i am so glad you have reached this place, where recovery and healing is in sight and you have been guided into the hands of a caring doctor. I pray for complete healing for you.

    God Bless

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    I just spent an hour and a half writing out a reply to you, and when I felt so good getting my thoughts down, pushed submit - and it completely vanished. This time, I couldn't go back , and copy it by hand, or print it out, and then re-type it.

    Horrible! My husband said he would teach me how to put long posts in Word first, then transfer them, so they won't be lost.

    I really regret losing what I wrote to you! I was gathering it in my mind days for days before.

    Oh well, will somehow try again.

    Blessings to you and your family,

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    Sorry about the vanishing post. Frustrating! I would have loved to read your thoughts as your posts are ones i enjoy very much, filled as they are with wisdom and gentleness and a thirsting after things to know.

    Dont pressure yourself however, write when you are able.

    The power situation is forcing me to cut down on my computer time. But at least i get to login and talk some.

    God Bless
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    Hi dear friend,

    Just saying a quick hi, and to let you know that your kind words meant so much to me, on your last post! They came at a time of pain, but lifted my spirits greatly. Thank you.

    Things are going very well with my therapy. When I next get some wind in my sails, I'll share more.

    Meanwhile, have been enjoying your writing!

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    I know there will be peace, good sense and probably laughter where you two are.

    I'll be lurking if that's ok.

    Peace out,
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    Don't just lurk - it will be a joy to have you join in! Way back on Chat I so much enjoyed a thread that you had going with springwater. And here, there will be more freedom to explore, and speak freely.

    You and Springwater have brought so much to my life! I'm looking forward to sharing thoughts, our stories, joys and struggles.

    Peace and Blessings.

  8. springwater

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    yes, you are welcome to lurk, post or do a jig, anything you like, here. You are one of us.

    God Bless