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    Hello Springwater dear, Wishing you a very blessed New Year! I read about your delicious sounding bread with grated almonds. And saw the very beautiful poem that Rafiki found. Is there a special spiritual meaning to the New Year Celebration?

    In our country New Years is very secularized. I've been missing my friends here so much, but have been pouring all my strength and attention into my therapy work.

    Sending prayers to you, your husband, your daughter and son.
    Blessings to your entire household!

    Love, Judy

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    I was thinking about you, and wondering how the therapy was coming along.

    Thank you so much for the good wishes. This New Year is special because I seem to be sharing it with so many of you!

    As far as I know our Losar (Tibetan New Year) does not have any religious meaning, it is merely a celebration for the start of a new year. But the Tibetans being extremely religion/spiritual orientated, worshipping is an important part of the festivities. Indeed the prayer room is where all the main decorations are displayed...meaning all the offerings of fruits, seeds, nuts, sugar crystals, dried fruit, tea leaves, rice beer, barley wheat etc. And the main celebration centres around going to the monastery and getting blessings from the high Lama of that monastery and perambulating around other places of worship. The eating and partying start only after that.

    Good wishes and prayers for your ongoing therapy....it was so nice to see you pop in here.

    Love you

    God Bless