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    I read on another board that you have a birthday coming up. I have a present for you. I am going to give you a year. Yes, I have it in my power to give you an entire year to use as you see fit. If I may, I have some suggestions that you may use, or not, as you see fit.

    I suggest that you be good to you in that year and that you take good care of yourself because you deserve it. I suggest that you take this extra year to enjoy the merit you have accumulated in your good life. I offer you time to contemplate the great distance you have come in your beautiful life and the tremendous obstacles you have overcome with love and patience... for others. I invite you to spend this year showing the same love and patience to yourself, also. You will not find yourself unworthy if you keep an open heart.

    I give you a year you may spend all at once or in pieces of whatever size you choose - a moment here and a moment there is fine as is a week or month at a time. All I ask in return for this year is that you spend it being mindful of the fact that, as His Holiness says, you may look the whole world over but you will find none more deserving of your compassion than you are yourself.

    You may be wondering by what power I can dole out years as birthday presents. Well, you see, on the other board you said you were born in this season in 1962 and that you would be 48. You will be 47. I can figure this out with my foggy brain only because I was born in the summer of '52 and have already struggled with the question of how old I will be this year - my thinker does not actually work any better than yours.

    Happy Birthday, Springwater. Enjoy your year.

    with metta to you,
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    Thank you for the gift of this post of yours opened on this morn of my birthday.

    I will be 47 not 48? Oh goody! Lol. Told you I was bad at math.

    What you have written is so beautiful and thought provoking; it is what a loving parent or guardian would have wanted to give its charge on a special day. Until yesterday eve, I had not planned on doing anything special, (being that I am in one of those apathetic spaces which owes its presence to the hormones in my body going out of whack,) but here and now I have changed my plans. I am going to have my bath, dress and make the effort to go up to the big monastery and light lamps for all my loved ones and all sentient beings. I will also spend the day in contemplation of all that I have to be grateful for, and how far I have come and what all I seem to have got right inspite of some setbacks which are probably the result of my previous past lives karma. Also I am going to rejoice in the fact that the years stretch before me and every day is another day, set of hours and wonderful opportunity to try to do the right thing, to make peace with others, to do an act of kindness, to grow in patience and understanding. In short, an opportunity to heal the past and inch a little closer to complete freedom from the hurly burly that is samsara.

    I think I will spend some time in my garden today because it is where I seem to be able to summon a state of tranquility most easily with little effort and I shall cook something special in eve for the men. I wish I could have you and the others over too, lol.

    Rafiki, thank you for taking time out from your own difficult situation/time to write me what I consider such a valuable set of advice. You and the other loving creatures (lol) on this board are my year round birthday presents which I treasure at all times.

    God Bless