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    Just wanted to tell you that I am praying for your poor, dear, suffering niece. I know in my own life similar miseries, and my heart aches for her. I have thought of her much, and have lit prayer-candles for her.

    She is God's precious child. I will keep praying for her - i am so glad that you are working on bringing her home. Maybe it was just all too much for her to deal with. Maybe wounds from her past emerged also.

    You're not alone in your prayers and concern for her. I will ask others to pray also.

    Sending love,
  2. springwater

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    Dear, sweet Judy, thank you. I am so touched. It could have been the prayers you and
    others are sending her way, she seems to have been having a few lucid moments lately
    and has conversed with her mum on phone. that itself is a relief. she is not sure she wants
    to come back but how to keep a person in such a fragile state of mind, over there
    among strangers? I pray and ask for prayers for guidance for the right thing to do.

    Thank you, I know you understand what she is going through.

    you take care

    God Bless
  3. windblade

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    That is the wisest thing to do - to pray for guidance.

    A dear friend of mine, who has also suffered much from depression has joined me in praying for your niece daily. You are not alone.

    I'm just pondering things in my head, not knowing the solution either.

    But in this country she would get professional help - medicines and counseling. Poor darling, to go through this.

    I remember in my early 20's, my nun friend coaxed me into seeing a therapist. I was in the blackest of depressions, and although I was terrified I did start.

    And just having someone listen to my story, hear me, sympathize, care about my pain, see who I was, made all the difference.

    Have been praying for strength for you as you care for her in any way that comes up. I see you as a very strong, persistent woman in how you deal with your life.

    So glad to hear that she called her Mom.

    Praying for compassion to come to her, kindness, for her to find meaning in her life. To know that she is valuable!

    Yesterday I was in a dark depression myself, just saturated with grief and a feeling of futility. Then when I prayed more and lit a candle for your niece, and tucked her under my wings, I thought, okay - I have a purpose in this world. Today I can do this and my life does have meaning.

    I know you understand.
    Love, Judy
  4. springwater

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    Please convey my deepest thanks to your dear friend too for her prayers.

    Care is better there, but it seems to me she needs to be among loved ones until she
    recovers, there is no one there who can devote their time to her. Everyone has their
    studies/work so she is a burden there. Besides we cant afford the healthcare there.

    Im sorry to hear you were feeling down yesterday. I try to tell myself there is a reason
    for everything and to accept it and face it best we can and carry on. This is difficult to
    do sometimes, but necessary. Its so important to count ones blessings when one is
    feeling the burdens of heavy challenges being thrown at one. I am grateful for the
    Gratefulness site. It helps keep ones perspective and know that it not all black or all
    white. Its grey. Some have more black in the grey than white, thats all.

    Times have been tougher in the past. for me. for my family siblings and all. I try to remember
    the progress we hve made rather than the fact that we are faced with yet another setback
    in the present.

    I was feeling good myself the other night but yesterday and today the fatigue came back.
    lol. like a cloak of some gooey substance enveloping my entire body organs and not letting them move.

    then the house suffers. actually its in a pretty bad mess right now. sometimes i wish i had
    OCD for cleaning. wow that would be something! haha. No. Actually not. OCD is scary.

    Knowing your thoughts hve been with me at this time, is a great boost to the spirits. Thank you again. Keeping you and your friend in my thoughts and prayers too.

    God BLess