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    My husband is at a ceremony now in New York City celebrating the birth of the Buddha. He said here it was called 'Wesak'. It is a full moon today, and one part of the ceremony is to send out prayer to the world for peace and harmony.

    He'll tell me all about it when he gets home. So of course I was thinking of you, and want to take this opportunity to send my greetings and love to you on this important Holy Day.

    I've also come across this wonderful Japanese artist who is also a Buddhist, and has shared her spiritual journey and life story in a book that means so much to me. What a gift she is in so many ways - I simply love her, and have been so inspired. Her name is Mayumi Oda, and she has also illustrated books for Thich Nhat Hanh (hope I didn't add too many h's to his name :) ) I started reading the beginning of one of his books, and thought this is just what I need to help me to focus, and move through my day with more awareness, and mindfulness.

    I'm so thankful to have all these wise teachers in the world!

    Your pranic healing learning and practice sounds just right, and I'm thrilled for you. Do you know that you sound more robust?! In your daily doings and also in your tone, or positioning in or towards life - don't know the proper words. But you sound clearer and stronger. I'm so rejoicing in this.

    Love, Judy

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    Thank you for the greetings!

    This is embarassing, but Im actually crying. you noticed. yes, i feel Im doing better. Im crying because as you know we've both been thru a lot in life, know theres bad out there, but theres also good. I find your unstinting empathy towards others and their sufferings so much of the light and the beings of light and what i aspire to. Im afraid i have been embittered a bit and not always as understanding and embracing as yourself in my dealings with others. I try but with you, I think it comes from within.This is such a big comfort. To know the world isnt just a big bad one. There are some amazing people on this board, people who love unconditionally, do things tirelessly for others, accept what life deals out, and move on with it. Without letting it change them into something different from the good people they are. I take strength from them. try to follow their example.

    Your husband and I were probably doing the Wesak meditation at the same time. because people all over the world get together and pray at a set time of the Full Moon. Ours was 4:25 pm yesterday. I think the idea of receiving divine energy and then projecting it out towards the whole world and all in it, is so uplifting.

    you got Master Thich Nhat Hanhs name right. Lol. I have three books by him And try to do the mindfulness meditations laid out in one of them. I hope you gain great benefit from the books you have. His teachings are so simple and easy to follow. Just what I need at this point.

    I shall have to look up Mayumi Oda. Yes, its truly wonderful to have all these wise people to learn from and avail of the knowledge they have accumulated.

    I have a long way to go. By no means do i expect one fine day to suddenly wake up and
    find everything is perfect. But in such a challenging condition as clinical/genetic depression
    involving chemical imbalance which stil has so many fine brains puzzling over how exactly to treat it, finding a tool to deal with it on a moment to moment basis is truly gratifying! Its a lifeline. A means to slowly pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. It means hope.:) It means I have a means of dealing with an attack other than sitting and waiting it out.

    I am thinking about you often and sending out my prayers and good thoughts. I feel you and your husband didnt find each other by accident. You were meant to be there for each other.
    I find it a beautiful bond. I too am lucky in that my husband while not exactly sharing my enthusiasm for spiritual endeavours encourages me to take part in anything at all which might help me combat the low feelings. We are blessed, the both of us. May our husbands be blessed
    for their support and understanding.

    Take care

    God BLess

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    I could use some of your toughness in life, you know. I find myself to be too vulnerable. But I will either muster up the strength to go for more emotional healing, or live as fully as I can using whatever capacities and gifts have escaped the trauma damage.

    For instance on Mother's Day, I woke up in such fear and emotional pain. I was able after a time to observe the feelings from more of a distance, and knew that I had friends that I could phone or email. Then my thoughts turned to Mayumi Oda, and I chose her to be a healing, loving, motherly sister in the world. Her paintings of nature and goddesses, her great love of Mother Earth, the great beauty of her spiritual nature. All of this I chose as something new in my life, and it flowed in to replace the old.

    It was a bit of a struggle to choose to do even such a small thing as ordering her book as a special gift for myself on that day. But I did it! I have the book right here beside me, and I can just feel the stream of goodness from it, from her.

    I was thinking of you and Rainbow as Mayumi wrote : " The ancient Buddhist teaching of interconnectedness is enriched by the native American tradition of reverence for the earth." This is because she lived and practiced Zazen here in America on a beautiful farm with lush vegetable gardens.

    That's so beautiful that you and my husband were celebrating, and sending out those great blessings into the world at the same time! He researched what it was all about, and even looked up Nepal to see what you would be doing there. He knows about you from my speaking of you, and the other precious people on this board.

    Yes, I love sharing my spiritual life with my husband. And everything I'm going through really. He is a very good listener, and I'm thrilled that he started his spiritual journey and seeking and learning. It's a strong point, very rich that we can share so much. We used to be out in the world much together, exploring the art scene in New York City, and going for long walks together loving to comment on the clouds, the trees, the birds that we'd see.

    I'm so glad that your husband is so encouraging of your healing practices. And that he is strong and a good provider, a good man. And you are such good parents together! You have a lot together. And the pranic healing is so important, I feel. The way of drug medicines was not for you - this goes much deeper, and resonates with your whole self. I am so, so thankful that you have chosen it, and are receiving benefits. It's already made a difference - I can feel and see that. I'm rejoicing for you.

    Rainbow also has this gift, and inspires me with her healing heart. For all the animals she cares for, and her skills and wisdom in healing for herself, and sending out healing energies into the world.

    Even though we're very small in number here now, I feel very close to everyone, and so glad that we are continuing on this board. And in such harmony.

    Blessings to you
    Love, Judy