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    Oh, how horrible. I just read your post about your niece. Oh, Spring, I am so sorry. It's so heartbreaking. I am praying to Jesus who is "near to the brokenhearted", that he holds Tashi deep in his loving heart. How he suffered for us. In his perfect wisdom, may he "catch her", "catch hold of her deepest, truest self that he loves for all eternity. And hold her close.

    Grieving for your family. For you, dear friend.

    Gathering up prayers from others for you too. My heart and thoughts are with you, dear Spring.

    Love, Judy
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    im sorry if i scared yo n others

    niece's stomach has been pumped and i spoke to
    her yesterday

    she even smiled when i joked about her nose tube
    for breathing made her an elephant, and a nice nurse
    told her yes if come here (ICU) u get to wear ring,
    (the finger peg to hold tube down) bracelet (the bandage
    holding down saline tube).

    she can talk and drank some soup on her own.

    she will be kept for a while, to see if any organs are affected.

    thank you for your prayers, Judy

    God Bless
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    Just came here to check on news. How good to hear of you making her laugh!

    Poor child! She sounds like she is improving, eating a bit, talking a bit. Oh, I am so glad she was able to laugh.

    Will keep you in prayers, dear friend. And every member of your family.

    Hoping you find comforts when you are home. Rest, your dogs, whatever is good for you.

    Will keep checking in - tomorrow to see how things are going.

    Strong blessings for your family!

    Love, Judy
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    Just found your Porch post.

    Adding your niece's sister-in-law to my prayers! As she is struggling to take care of the baby. Prayers and blessings for the baby.

    Very good to hear of your taking good care of yourself. You need that - need the deep rest to strengthen you. To replenish.
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    am in a rush as usual but did wantyou to know

    i am in better health mostly spirits than i hv been for a couple of

    days. the people at the meditation centre do a twin hearts meditation

    and bless and one of my friends there said she would ask my name to

    be included when they were doing the meditation together.

    it could be that and your and your friends the nuns prayers but

    i have felt almost normal.

    so when i went to do standby duty at hospital and made the journey

    to and fro i did not feel like would collapse any moment which is how

    i feel sometimes even when i am just staying home or doing shopping.

    and the feeling is lasting till today. i need to go accompany my brother

    for his ct scan.

    Nieces baby is the problem because the elder sister of her dh needs to

    keep the little restaurant running and looking after baby keeps her from

    doing that.

    take care, you are included in my prayers every day

    God Bless