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    Inspired by a post of yours (I am a regular reader of Springwater News) I googled: How to levitate. :eek:)

    Here's some of what I got...

    This is how to appear to levitate. I knew about the first method and have used it to great effect but the second one is fantastic!


    Here is a more scientific and serious take on the subject


    metta to you, dear Springwater,
  2. springwater

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    Good to know my posts bring you some modicum of entertainment. I had to laugh as i started reading y6our post. The net and all it holds. Who would have thought such a vast sea of knowledge would be available at the tips of our fingers?

    God Bless
  3. Rafiki

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    Your writing is fantastic! I am such a fan. I would be urging you to host a blog if I wasn't concerned about safety issues. You really have a unique and marvelous voice. You are a writer. As others have said, it is a gift to have the dispatches from Nepal.

    Your fan,