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    There is a Jewish holiday during which people say: Next year in Jerusalem.

    I wish that, at Losar, one could reasonably say: Next year in Lhasa!

    I got this from Tibet Writes and found it very moving and it made me think of you and your daughter, growing well in borrowed gardens.

    Tashi Delek

    Losar Greeting

    by Tenzin Tsundue

    Tashi Delek!

    Though in a borrowed garden
    you grow, grow well my sister.

    This Losar
    when you attend your Morning Mass,
    say an extra prayer
    that the next Losar
    we can celebrate back in Lhasa.

    When you attend your convent classes
    learn an extra lesson
    that you can teach children back in Tibet.

    Last year
    on our happy Losar,
    I had an IDLI-SAMBAR breakfast
    and wrote my BA final exams.
    My IDLIS wouldn’t stand
    on my toothed steely forks,
    but I wrote my exams well.

    Though in a borrowed garden
    you grow, grow well my sister.

    Send you roots
    through the bricks,
    stones, tiles and sand.
    Spread your branches wide
    and rise
    above the hedges high.

    Tashi Delek!

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    Thank you for the wishes and this morning I started my Losar on a tender and loving note, due to what you and Cate posted. It was the best start to any Losar. I was really hurried for time racing against the power cut time, and managed to post cates reply but i had just completed typing out a thank you to you and before i could post...pfft...power cut! To say I was frustrated is putting it mildly.

    The poem was so beautiful. Yes, me, my daughter, son, others have grown up in a borrowed garden, but we have grown to love this garden and are grateful for having had the opportunity to grow at all. We, though, have never forgotten that other garden, where my parents were born, and ancestors grew up, and look forward to the time when we can return to it and call it our own and lovingly tend it, along with all our brothers and sisters who remained behind and look forward to welcoming all of their own back home.

    I am happy you are able to post again. You gave a special meaning to my Losar this year.

    God Bless you and Cate
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    that gravity has been turned up to max. here in Canada :eek:) so I'm gonna take a bit of a break until they turn it down again.

    Thank you for being your sweet self and blessing myself and dear Cate.

    See you soon,