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    Would you do me a favour and ask your help what he sprayed with, please. Any info he might have about the brand in as much detail as possible so that we can figure out what the active ingredient was.

    Much thanks, sweet friend.

    So not happy about the mites now, seemingly, in the home of the newborn as a result of a box of maztoh being mailed to them. I may have posted re this on the spirituality board but I've been speedwriting so many things to so many people re this -in between heat-ups- that I just don't know any more. I do know I posted to you there.

    with much metta all over your good self!
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    It was some years ago before he came to us, and he is illiterate so he doesnt know. But i will phone our vets at the animal hospital and elsewhere and try and get some information. Today they are closed but will also try some medicine shops since i will be getting out.

    God Bless

    PS Dismayed to hear about the mites being transferred to the babys place...oh if only mites werent invented. Last night we were kept awake by mosquitoes, because no power so the electrical repellant didnt work. I cant imagine what tiny invisible mites would do! But praying. Hard.
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  3. Rafiki

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    We cannot know, for sure, that the baby's home is now infested. Since they are too small to easily see, the potential to imagine them or to attribute any itching or rash to mites in this circumstance is very high. I've spoken to step to try to determine but it's very, very difficult. Sending a package there was a extremely foolish thing to do.

    I thought it was probably not possible to find out what was used even had it been used more recently. Thought I'd ask in case it just happened to be something we still use here -- many things are no longer available. Please do not go to any extra trouble; I can wander around the entire world from my laptop. (One step has something coming from Australia.) I do appreciate your willingness though.

    So, you've got your own bug woes! There are few things more annoying that a persistently whining mosquito in the night! Do you have netting?

    Take care of your good self!

    Thanks again and no worries!

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    I called our vet who referred me to an agricultural office and doctor there..he was very prompt in giving me this name - pesticide BUTUS. Its component is DELTAMETHANE which one should spray on all surfaces and leave for at least half an hour. Another name he gave me was CYPERMETHANE. That office deals with poultry and stuff so i am guessing they are familiar with this infestation. he did say to also spray the source which in your case would be the birds nest ...I dont know if that is possible for you. Maybe you could wash your clothes after having sprayed them? The pestidide is toxic. I hope this helps.

    I am planning on buying nets but dread being under a stuffy net in 100F+ temperatures. We have anti repellant cream called odomus which i might try. I do not look forward to this summer at all with the power cuts. No fan. No mosquito repellant mats. No fridge. We have installed one a/c in our bedroom and it was my haven but now...wil have to think of other things..maybe throwing cold water on the floors..in India/Delhi they do that..of course Delhi gets to be like 43 degree celcius! Our highest is 37 degree celcius.

    God Bless

    I had typed this message earlier but the lights went off before i could push submit.

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    thank you soooo much!

    I have passed this info along to our data collection thread on Facebook where four of us share info and Google ourselves silly. It's so great that you got actual chemical names! Now, we can find out if these chemicals are used here. Big help!

    We have also found that chicken mites are a problem for people in Italy -- not just on farms but in cities. It's obviously a growing problem globally.

    But, we are still being told by some people (some entomologists and some vets) that we are imagining it which is beyond annoying. We have been told that they can't live off the avian host which is so wrong. It's remarkably like the whole ME/FM thing.

    Anyway, dear Springwater, thank you very much, indeed, for your marvelous contribution to the fight.

    Stay away from chickens!


    ETA Oh gee, the heat and no AC! Keep the windows covered during the day. I use that foil emergency blanket stuff. It's cheap, light and easy to apply to the window with masking tape. I find that two layers are much better than one. It's not pretty, but it really helps keep the room from heating up.

    There's always something, isn't there.

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