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    I'm doing much better this month than the last one. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

    I'm praying for each member of your family. And for your everyday life - with all you're dealing with.

    And for you to find the little joys that sustain us, and celebrate them in the midst of it all.

    I listen to the birds here when I can find enough quiet. Early morning is a good time before it gets too hot.

    This morning I made a green bean salad with cecci (garbanzo beans) added. Put in some lovely extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and Italian/French spices; oregano, rosemary, onion and garlic. And then mixed it all up. Sooooo good, and wonderful for hot weather.

    I've been having a wonderful contemplative, quiet, soothing time puttering around in the kitchen early in the day. The light is so soft before it gets blaring. And everything feels gentle.

    My dh and I have created a good sense of home here. The main rooms are finally orderly and attractive. But one room still has almost 20 cartons of books, kitchen and household items.

    I'm concentrating on my health instead. Needing to stay away as much as possible from things with mold spores from the old house. It will take about a year to restore, clean or replace things we need.

    But today, I am so glad that the inflammation, constant swelling of my lips throughout the day has returned to almost normal! And no major itching which was driving me crazy. The painful swelling of my lips has been happening daily since last July!

    I'm saving the adventure of the pranic healing that you offered so generously (your friend). Most of my energy is dealing with getting up and downstairs. Very long, steep staircase, and large landing to walk through to get down. When we find a new place I can follow my CFS Dr's choice of foods for me, and take the huge amount of supplements I need, overhydrate - drinking water throughout the day.

    Many health things I need to do .

    So glad that you have your pranic healing, and friends in the healing center.

    Praying for you, for great new understandings.


    Saw some lovely videos on youtube of HH The Dalai lama. Is there a deity called White Tara in Tibetan Buddhism? Is she a boddhisatva?
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    Hi Spring, just looked up the White Tara. So beautiful! Full of great attention to our sufferings. More than a mother's for her child. Yes, I look for this kind of love in my faith, in the Holy Mother.

    I saw a beautiful video of the Dalai Lama visiting the Tibetan community in Switzerland. There was music playing instead of words. All the greetings and welcomes and children dancing and singing, beautiful faces.

    My favorite part was when HH walked up to an altar. Something of the White Tara. The look on his face was naked. A child turning to it's mother with all it's being. Completely reverent and completely open. A holy gift.

    Spring, I left you a PM. The first one I've tried.

    Keeping you and every member of your family in my prayers. Praying for comfort for you in the midst of it all. A mother's love.
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    sorry for seeing this so late.

    Indeed we are proud of our precious HH Dalai lama. His gentleness, his humour,
    his stoicism are inspirational. He is unafraid to preach as he thinks, as he learns
    from day to day. He dissuades from following outdated arcane Buddhist practises
    which he feels are unnecessary and a not relevant in our times.

    I read your PM and have replied.

    Thoughts and prayers with you always, my dear friend

    God Bless