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  1. windblade

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    Dear Spring, how are you doing, my friend?

    Are you eating and sleeping okay?

    I haven't caught up with all the Chat posts so haven't heard.

    I recently came across some books by Thich Nhat Hanh, and was wondering if

    you still had his book on your bed-table. He has such a beautiful heart, and clear-stream wisdom.

    Thinking of you, and wishing so much that you didn't have more heaviness on your heart,

    but the delighted joy that someday we'll have never-endingly.

    Just as you hold on to your Buddhist teachings of the meaning of this life, I hold tightly

    to the deepest I can find in my faith. This mostly unknown Love gives me an awareness of a great purpose

    in the midst of all the painful, struggling times.

    Praying for both of us to hold tightly to all we know of goodness, of kindness and caring, hope for those we love.

    With love and blessings,
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  2. springwater

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    sorry. i just saw your post as i was logging out.

    i will come back and post.

    i guess hanging in there would describe me right now, :)

    you hv been in my thoughts and prayers,

    God bless
  3. springwater

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    i havent had the time to go thru Thich Nhat Hahns writings right now,
    been embroiled in some urgent matters of the house

    repairs, a lot of electrical and other stuff going kaput at same time
    and all necessary stuff

    im forcing myself to eat properly, but the sleep has been restless.

    i try to smudge the whole place down twice a day to get rid of any
    negative energy might be accumulating, it has been a very difficult
    sad 22 months since brother got sick and im sure that cant hv been
    good for the energy of the place...

    like you, i think longingly of that place of peace and rest which i
    know is what lies beyond this dimension...

    however, i also like reminding myself that the point of power is always
    in the 'now' and present...i make my future by how i live the present,
    so trying to live, think, conduct myself best as i can...while i hv the chance

    the slightly warmer weather these days n my garden in bloom is helping
    a bit..i wish it were spring where you are too, Judy

    god bless
  4. windblade

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    Spring, I was so glad to find your post on The Porch thread, and the one here.

    Just good to hear from you!

    I'm glad that your garden is in bloom giving you some beauty and comfort.

    I don't mind the winter actually - I must be the only one. It's less painful for me because
    I have such a hard time with noise. Any kind of loud noise causes great pain, and the winter is the quietest
    time here.

    But I also love all the budding, and flowering, and colors of spring-time! So I focus on that a lot.

    You must be so deeply exhausted from the past two years, along with your grieving.

    I was wondering what you use to do smudging? Here in the Southwest mostly people use sage, an herb, to clear negative energies. It's originally from the religious rituals of American Indians.

    I know just what you mean by 'hanging on'. I need to do that so much too. My thoughts and prayers are with you each day.

    Also about focusing on the now. Yes, I find for me that looking towards the future happiness gives me
    the strength and courage and purpose for the present. It helps me to do the best I can each day, caring and
    receiving care. And deepening my trust and love in God.

    God bless you, dear friend, praying for comfort, and strength and goodness for you.

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    sorry just saw yr post now, boy, i must be foggy these days!!

    i use tibetan incense, theyre loose powdered, fir, sandalwood and
    some other roots, wood etc..strange - there are different kinds
    of powdered incense in sacks and i never thought to ask what each
    of were..sandalwood is expensive so i just buy tiny packets of those.
    burn charcoal in a mud container and toss mixed incense in.

    however, i think the best defense is prayer, the incense effect is
    momentary...and not pleasant to hv smokey rooms all the time..
    my room is never without a bowl of salt water, and soaking feet in
    warm salt water and visualising negative toxic energy leaving through
    soles of feet works wonders.

    as does visualizing a pyramid of Gods white light surrounding you or your
    home, and transmuting negative energies into white light and leaving
    thru the top.

    hv you thought about past life regresion for your loud noise phobia?
    surely this is rooted in some event...lodged in yr subconscious...

    as always, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

    god bless
  6. windblade

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    The white light visualization sounds very good. I've heard of that.

    I've been researching Somatic healings - looking for someone in my area, who would treat someone of my background.

    There is a lot more experience available working with Body/Mind healings.

    And some of it is Energy Healing, so we're catching up to you .

    I'm so glad that you have your Pranic healing friend to accompany you through it all.

    I'm blessed with a friend from childhood, and we've also been spiritual friends/companions for decades. We share our ongoing stories, struggles, joyful discoveries. It is such a help to me, a great gift.

    Thank you for your prayers, dear Spring. They are very valuable to me.

    Blessings to you,