SS CALLED!!!!!!!!! Need question answered.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kathryn, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Kathryn

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    Hi All.
    A real nice lady from Social Insecurity just phoned. She said my SSDI application was approved by Oregon, and is now headed for Seattle for final determination. Please, everyone keep your fingers crossed for just a little longer. She asked me a whole bunch of questions about what we have in the bank, and how much we owe, and how much our vehicles are worth. I questioned her, and she said that she is going to try to get me SSI for the 6 month waiting period that SSDI won't pay. She said that everything looks good, and the only questions she had are the value of our cars. We have a BUNCH of cars. Does anyone know how much your cars can be worth and still get SSI? If there is any way to get back pay for those 6 months, I can hire somebody to finish painting and get out of this swamp a little sooner. Thanks.
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    dont know about the car situation but it looks like you are on your way for what you have been fighting for, like the rest of us.. This is great. You didn't even have to go to court????? If thats the case, lucky you and keep us posted. I am still waiting for my court hearing. Any time!! So they say anyway. Good Luck!!! :))))
  3. Kathryn

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    Those numbers will help when I get one more set of forms to fill out. I swear I am more nervous now than when I first started this procedure.