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    Oh goodness me. What an experience this was for me. I didn't sleep last night and woke up feeling horrible. I barely did anything with my hair and had a touch of mascara on that's it. Didn't have the energy to do it. My body hurts from top to bottom so I wore jogging pants and a big shirt. I am a nervous nelly because i hate driving where I don't know my way. And i do not at all know the area where this Doctor lives, yes where he lives!! the appointment is at his house. I get lost and I am in a severe panick attack from getting lost, not knowing my way and now I am 5 minutes late! (I am always early.) So, i am asked to go into his musty smelling office and I am a mess, leg bouncing a million times a minute. He comes in like 10 minutes later.

    I swear he had me so rattled i didn't know what was going on. I had to keep asking his questions over and over and he couldn't understand what I would say bla bla bla. I either was in a total fog or he was having a fibro fog moment or something. I finally had had it and started bawling my fool head off like a big baby. I got a lecture for not seeing my shrink lately. Then I left.

    I feel so foolish, he has to think I am some wacko or something. I figure if i get approved it "won't" be because of the Fibro it is because I am out there.
    Just thought I would let you all know. I need to rest i am mentally drained. Boy what an experience.
  2. Kathryn

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    It sounds like you had a "perfect" appointment!!! Who CARES why they approve you, just as long as they do? I do hope the doc makes the right recommendation for you. Keep us posted.
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    Sometimes I fear that i'll start crying at my drs appointments! I have only done that once! but ya know,if you tell them the pain your in,they don't seem to understand at all the severity of it!! I mean at times,wait....MOST of the time,I ache from my ankles to my neck!! every damn inch in between~ I kNOW that people that don't have this....can't even imagine the pain we feel~ Therefore sometimes we lose it!!and ball/cry whatever!! so what! They'd cry too if they woke up to our hell each day! I'm sure you did fine~
    Keep us updated okay?
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    When I went for my appointment with the SS doctor it took me a very long time to answer all the questions on the forms. When it was time for the verbal questions he practically answered the questions for me because he was in such a hurry. I felt like I was on an assembly line. I think the doctors SS hires are a joke.
  5. Bellesmom

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    Some of these Social Security doctors must not be able to get jobs anywhere else - they are a weird lot in some cases, aren't they?

    We will all be waiting to see how you do - don't forget to follow up with them every two weeks or so just to find out how it's going. The dr. report should be in in 2 or 3 days and then it will probably take another week or so on someone's desk. I just kept on them (not too often) until they told me what was happening.

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    at least he had an office even if smelly. Try hotel room!!!!!
    Yes, the last doc on my assessment worked out of a hotel room in the city. I stressed about that one 3 days in advance.
    I decided if he was on the bed I was not going in. He hardly asked any questions personally just had me filling in forms for 2 hours. I hobble in on a cane with a walker, cannot sit for very long, really pale and in a lot of pain and he writes there's nothing wrong with me!! Now I have to hire a lawyer to fight this all because of him.
    I was telling my doctor he probably had a hotel room so after you read his report, you couldn't find him again to let him know how you feel or whatever.


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    Sounds like you did good. It took them 4wks to get back to me on mine. I guess I was too 'well' that day as I got turned down this time. Am going to get a lawyer & fight it. I wish I HAD cried. Good luck to you!
  8. dan0248

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    It must be different for men, or I guess I should say some men. When it finally came down to seeing a doctor. I didn’t and wouldn’t have cared less where it came to. After almost killing my self twice in less then 10 days was enough make it clear to me that something was very wrong. I tried to tell my General Foreman who was sent out to terminate me after my second incidence, my second attempt that this was not how I normally work. This close call, this second brush with death, really opened my eye. I made up my mine then and there that there was something seriously wrong with me. This wasn’t your normal bad hair day type situation; this was way beyond my control to correct. It’s one thing to walk out of one room into another to do a simple task and when you get there forget what was the reason you starter out for or with. You couldn’t recall, you couldn’t think, it’s what the hell em I doing in here, and then you go back to where you were to see if you could jog your memory. Maybe it was to get the fire hose or a hammer for all know. Do you all hear what I’m trying to say? The death that waits me in my line of work, is very serious very methodological and usually is victorious in these manners.
    This DD is so bad that I’ve had to reread your post a couple times to make sure that I was answering or replying to your post in a manner that made since. Get Attorney, it will or may cost you but get one anyway. You are fighting a very old system that has the CONTROL, this is THEIR GAME and THEY makes up the rules, it’s their DANCE.. I wish you the best.
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    Thanks for the support from everyone. Yesterday I received a call from the examiner. he said well, in your interview i couldn't quite understand everything and wanted to be sure that my report for you was very accurate and clear on everything. He was very concerned with my "grade average" in school and about the onset of my migraines. If I ever had been hospitalized for them, yes. And so on and so forth. When he was done he said well, Joan i will get this completed and sent out for you today. He said i truly hope that my report is helpful in your case and i wish you the best of luck on your Disability claim. I was shocked and don't quite know how to take this from him. What do you think?
    Thanks all,
    take care.
  10. bluebirder

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    and maybe you got lucky enough to get one. The harder part I think is going to be the review board who actually decides by just looking at "test and diagnostic tool results"

    I wish you luck too. I am just starting the application process. But then I want to be approved because I qualify and not because I might have cried. I'd much rather be able to work and be productive.Until either approved or I get health stable enough to find something I can do I will try and stay possitive, and make adjustments in lifestyle to accomadate what I can't do. No longer for instance feel so guilty for not getting things done around the house. If no one else is going to do things I can't or don't have energy for then they will simply go undone without me feeling guilty. No longer will I kill myself and my health trying to get stuff done. This is really hard for someone who is a perfectionist with themselves.
  11. joannie1

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    I know how you feel about being a perfectionist. I too have been all my life. Everything had to be done corectly,perfectly and exactly when it needed to be done. with this DD and the things that it does to us this is not always possible. It is very hard I feel on one who has this as a lifestyle. I feel that the tears came to me because at that point and time and this being my second round with Disability I knew that my decision was right there in the hands of this man. And being a perfectionist there was nothing I could do to control the situation or his opinion of me. I wish you the best of luck with your claim, it is not an easy road to go down by any means. And in the situation I was in It was not that i wanted to cry but it happened, this process leaves you on an emotional roller coaster.
  12. Mikie

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    Not to pass the SSD doc appts. They often use the bottom of the barrel docs for these evaluations. Everyone passes, so don't worry too much when they tell you you passed. Just be sure you are documenting your illness through your own docs.

    Does your atty. use a questionnaire which requires your docs to state that you are disabled according to SS's own Listing 1.02. If not, he or she should do this.

    Love, Mikie