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    I have various docs (ie, primary, rheumatologist, psychologist, oncologist)that only address 'their' speciality and give you a limited 15 minute visit. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, degenerative discs, chronic fatigue, depression & currently breast cancer. I am in the Hearing stage. What I need is ONE doc that can write a report addressing ALL the medical info/tests into one report. I live in Naples, Fl. Does anyone have any suggestions. My lawyer gave me long forms to take to my existing docs to fill out, but I doubt they will. It's season now and they are really busy.
    Thanks for any help!

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    In my experience each doc...practioner...had to complete their info....some docs were no longer in individual practice ...records had been archived....and repro costs...even if they could find those records $1 or more a contacted all the docs and practioners (physical therapist..etc.) who had records and went from there. I think you'd most likely get best results by writing a letter to each of your "15-minute" docs, and reminding them of what they indicated your diagnosis was...and ask that the records be pulled up to confirm...and go from there. In one case my records from a highly touted FM MD...were NOT what he had told me...and I had to have recorded info corrected. I think it would be important for your current get on your blunt....ask if he or she will support your efforts to pursue disability and have them confirm your diagnosis....and get releases signed requesting info from you previous doctors be sent to your current primary..or main specialist....Good luck
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    I am so very very grateful for the information on physcians. We do not have a support group in my area and I didn't know who to ask. Thank you for taking time to send this valuable info.
  4. hgirl

    hgirl New Member

    Thanks so much for the info.
    Im' grateful.
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    hi Hgirl. Dont give up hope. It took me over 2 years and 2 appeals to finally get approved. It sounds like the symptoms your experiencing will assure you of approval. Its very common for them to drag it out in the hopes you will go away. Just keep moving forward and one day it will all be over. I juggled trying to get CPP , my work disability and a law suit for my car accident all in the year of 2002. Its now 2007 and all thoses cases were settled and paid out by end of 2005. I sometimes look back and wondered how I handled it all but I did . Boards like this supported me thru it and now I get to look after me and not have the financial worry hanging over my head. You will see how your health will improve too when you dont have all this stress hanging over you. Just try to take it one day at a time. That is what I used to save my sanity.
    hugs poodlemum
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    fill out. I will look for the forms and write the questions for you. I got approved based on those two forms. One of them was only the front of one page. It may take me a day or two - I'm very unorganized any more.
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    I would be really excited if I could get a copy of the 2 forms you were given to take to your doc. I have an appt coming up in 2 weeks. I hope you can find them. Thanks so much for your response and help!
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    I found this site that is written by a doctor who used to determine claims for SS:

    They advertise a DVD that sells for $24.95 called Disability Insider--just a warning, do not waste your money. It only goes over the SS forms in general; it does not provide any "inside" information or anything new. Other than that, the site itself has great info.

    I also found the form that MH professionals have to complete:


    It sounds like the forms you need completed are information forms for your attorney. Is that correct?

    The reason I ask that question is because I mailed one of my doctors a form to complete, thinking that it would expedite matters and she sent it back to me with a note saying that SS has their own forms and will not accept any others. Further, she said that SS will send her the forms she needs to complete. She was right. SS will send every doctor you listed forms to complete and return direct to their office.

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