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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmq, Nov 11, 2008.

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    Hello all my friends out there...

    Since the site has changed, I feel like my old friends are harder to see and check in with. Hopefully you see this. I had to go to ANOTHER SS doctor today. It was a very different experience from the first doctor they sent me to last year. Last year the dr. was an old feeble man that did not even have a receptionist or nurse in his stinky dirty office. He barely looked at me and literally told me that he thought I could still work, dispite the pain!!! I knew how exactly what his report would say.....just what SS wanted.

    This time it was a REAL doctor. Professional, personable, gave me a very thorough exam. Spent at least an hour with me. Asked not only relevant...but provocative questions. One example was...if you had to describe your life in four or five words, what would they be... As I told him, I just cried. From what I can remember....the words were....alone, dispair, pain, sad....He read some of my records....asked detailed questions about my symptoms and daily living skills. Luckily my husband came in with me and could emphasize how much he has to do for me and my daughter.

    Now, will he find me disabled?? Who knows. I was not encouraged at the end of all this, when he suggested I use ice on my arm pain because he thought it was tendisitis??? ( not spelled correctly?)....but at least he actually pretended to be objective. I hope I am not getting my hopes up. Next week I go see thier psychologist. This will also be the 2nd time they are sending me to one. I wonder why? It is so draining.

    Does anyone have an idea what this second round of drs. may mean. They obviously want an update...but why? Is it a good sign? Would they be spending so much of their own $ if I was a solid reject? I am waiting for a hearing date....Allsup does not know what this may mean. Sigh.

    Thanks for listening.
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    How long since you have applied? Has it been a long time? Its sounds like you are waiting for an ALJ hearing. Have they assigned you a judge yet. I think it is because they know you are getting close to your hearing and they want to have the most recent information on your condition (and it may be that they did not want to send a report from the old quack). It may be that their exam record can only be so old and your last exam date may be out of date. It may be the ALJ is considering an on-the-record approval. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

    I am not really up on your case since I have had kind of a bad spell and not been on this forum very much, if at all, for the last couple of months. February will make three years since I applied. On one hand, I want to contact my Senator and say hey if you guys can bail out the bankstas, how come I am sitting here broke; however, on the other hand, I am, more or less, letting it stew. My doctor, I started seeing her about the time I applied, keeps coming up with more diagnoses so thats a good thing on one hand, sucks on the other hand.

    Whatever, I hope it is good news. Just had a thought, maybe the old doctor died, so the judge or examiners cannot use his report since he is not available to back it up.
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    First of all.....I love your username!!! Thank you for your comments. I applied in September 2007 and I have been denied once and awaiting an ALJ hearing. I have been assigned a Judge...but not a court date. At least I think....another strange thing happened with my case. They sent me a hearing date notice in my 13 year old daughters name!!! I had to straighten that out. Can you imagine what they do with records and paperwork if they cant even get the right person with the right SS #!!! Scarry.

    I feel the same way about rushing it. I NEED the $ ASAP...but I do not want to blow it by rushing it either. Any way....thanks for your input.

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    Hi, I'm new to this site, but not to cfs, or disability....My experience is the more doctors they find for you to see, the better off you are....If they really belive that there's nothing wrong with you, or not bad enough to keep you from working, they usually simply just refuse you. Now this is in New YOrk State, but the fact that they are sending you to more doctors could mean that they are afraid there IS enough information to qualify you, and perhaps they are hoping someone in a specialty may be able to see through your "game". Hopefully this is a good sign. Often, at least in NY, you have to apply at least twice to actually get approved, unless you have a doctor or clinic really going to bat for you. So if you can get all of your diagnosing doctors to write complete reports and be able to share them with Disabilities people.
  5. hensue

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    i am with allsup what does this consist of when you go to a physchologist? I am all for telling the true or do you take test? What is up?
    First doc appt
    since filing
  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    on the hearing date. Where was the screw up?

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