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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joannie1, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. joannie1

    joannie1 New Member

    Hello and Happy valentines day.

    I have a question for those of you who are also fighting to get or have received Disbility. I have been battling this for three years now. I had to start from the bottom again in December and I am wondering if anyones contact person they put down received papers to also fill out that were like the ones you received asking about chores, moods and such. The first time i applied my mom never received them and I was denied a million times it seems. But this time she did receive them and i am curious for those who have received Disability did their contact person also receive papers.

    Thank you for your help. A friend of mine said that his wife did get them and he was approved soon afterwards. Crossing my fingers and praying to God daily. We really need this to go through this time.

    Have a great day and thanks so much.
  2. Beth37

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    I can't remember if my contact person recieved in papers or not,sorry.I am waiting on my hearing date,I have a lawyer.Did you get a lawyer the last time,it may help.I am sure hoping it does,anyway.I wanted to wish you luck.((((HUGS)))) Beth
  3. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    I put my sister and my mom down and my sister got them but not my mom. I think they only ask one person.

    NANCEA New Member

  5. Dawnt

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    My lawyer gave me 2 sets of questionaires that pretty much repeated all those questions. I had to have 3 people who knew me fill them out. She said it's standard for SS to ask these questions and they wanted them at the office so they could take care of it for me.
  6. Tattoopixie

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    I applied for SSDI online & they sent the other contact questions to me to give to the other person. My best friend filled out the 6-8 (?) pages in major detail & then she became so depressed when she realized all the changes she went thru a grieving process. We are now even closer. Anyway- I digress- I am doing this on my own & have made it all the way to the psych exam on my 1st try & am hoping to receive my approval in a couple of weeks. You can also have people write affidavits- I believe the atty on this website has articles in the library on the process, tho I did not use any- I felt my friend really covered all the bases. I will keep you all posted on my outcome.
  7. joannie1

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    I appreciate all the input. I have been through the letters last time from friends and family but not the ones from SS is all. i do have an Attorney and my old Boss, like a Dad over me even went to my hearing with the Judge last time. However the Judge was a jerk and denied me on the most rediculious things. Voc rehab lady that was asked to be at my hearing even stated there was nothing I could do to fit my disability impairments. As it turned out me and my Attorney both felt i would be better off to just re-apply. The Judge was dismissed after my case and does not do these anymore. I had 16 letter sent to the appeals counsel last time and was still not approved. LONNNNGGGG story won't go into it.

    I just was wondering who had received the paperwork for their contact person is all. I appreciate your help and just keep praying I will get my "approval" letter soon.
    take care.
  8. Bellesmom

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    And he did finally send out the papers but I only had three people to send them to (family members) as I have been out of circulation for so long no one else ever sees me!!!

    I think you need to be able to help the people who fill out papers for you unless they see you every day. I'm not sure what my family members put down on paper but even they do not see me often enough (except for my husband) to know what exactly to write. I usually present myself well enough for a few minutes that they might not write some critical phrase that would get the idea across that I really am "out of it."

    I keep a pretty low profile because I'm in bed most of the time and I never go anywhere but I think I've just kind of fallen off the radar screen and no one actually realizes how bad I've gotten.

    I was mentioning to my husband just yesterday that I don't think we were assertive enough on the forms that the family sent in but the state recently asked (on my reconsideration claim) for addresses/names of people so they might send out forms again. I don't know if they will, tho. I have lost interest in the process since I am too tired out to care and I don't keep in touch with this adjudicator (whose name I only found out accidentally). I just think unless you're bleeding and all broken that no one cares.

    I think they get their mind made up at some point in time and it would take something major to change it. So, good luck but I think you have to keep on top of your case from beginning to end. I still am in touch with my first adjudicator who also suffers from FMS and multiple other complications/diagnoses.

    Hope this helps a little.

    There's always so much to say that I don't know what to add in and what to cut.

  9. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i actually asked ss this ? they told me they do not give those out to others(just 2 people in the beging and they usally send them to you to hand out) you can not even request them ,so i made up my own and had my friends and family fill them out and sign them,i had asked ss before hand and they said that that was fine,
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