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    I'm new here. My SS disability hearing with a judge (for FMS/migraines/CFS/TMJD, etc) is in two weeks. Does anyone know if taking statements from family/friends is allowed or, if so, worth it?

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    it is deffintly worth it just make sure they are signed affidatas(spelling) and noterized or they will not be excepted. They can be a big help. Others observations of you usually will point out how your life has changed because of this DD.

    I haven't applied yet myself but will be soon and I will have a couple of these also and one from my last employer.

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    both my daughter and niece write one and sign it but they were not notorized. I also took my daughter and niece with me and the judge asked them a few questions. I do think the letters helped. I was approved.

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    These letters need to be noterized unless the writer is present in the court room.

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    CSTRALEY3 answer toyour ssd ?????????? 04/04/06 03:52 AM

    Cindy 04/03/06 08:45 PM

    Yes they were. I also had a letter from my former employer.She told them in the letter how many hours I worked 50 to 60 and never missed a day except for when this DD started.She also told them that I had tried to return a few times but could not function............I was also in charge of 250 associates at one time and my position included lots of walking lifting and climbing.

    I gave the letters to my attorney and she sent them on to the judge before my hearing.To tell you the truth I do believe those letters did it for me and the judge asked very few ? I also told her that who in there right mind would give up a 4000.00 a month job for 704.00 a month.

    Be your self be honest and you will be fine.She gave me a bench approval and said that she had no reason not to believe me.That I was honest and sincere.

    Good luck.


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    Welcome! I'm sure your hearing won't be the disaster mine was, but I certainly did learn a couple valuable things.

    1.) If you don't have a lawyer with you at the hearing, make sure someone else is there with you. The hearing will be recorded, but the only way for you to double-check what you thought you heard is to have an extra pair of ears there. You can get a cassette copy of the hearing, but while I'm waiting for mine, I'm stressing over "Did I hear that right?"

    2.) Get there early and someone will offer you a chance to look over your file while you wait; the answer is yes! I saw comments in the notes from several doctors that I never would have thought to ask for, but which gave me important information about my case.

    Sounds like you'll be fine. Try to relax and stay positive.

  7. 69mach1

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    about leaving a good paying job for 704 dollars a month...

    do you have an attorney? i am so glad i had one because i couldn't have made it through w/o one...brain fog.. and yes the crying and the anxity i was having...

    i won my case it was considered a closed one...basically the judge felt that my divorce was now done so i must be all better....

    wrong...i reapplied less than 4 months later....did i another two work attempts and forget it i ended up worse and more ill physically and mentally...shingles on top of everything else...

    just have good records and do the best that you can...and if you get anxious or start crying ask for a 5 minute break to try and collect yourself enough to get through..

    good luck


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