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  1. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i have my ss hearing on monday ANY AND ALL ADVICE PLEASE!
    i dont have a lawyer and god knows i tried so any advice or exsperices please share ,

  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i have my ss hearing on monday ANY AND ALL ADVICE PLEASE!
    i dont have a lawyer and god knows i tried so any advice or exsperices please share ,

  3. Cheechee

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    It is very important to get a lawyer. If this is just a hearing in front of a hearing officer and you loose, You still can appeal and will most likely see a adminitrative law judge the next time. First you need support from a doctor or doctors and then you need a lawyer. A lawyer can write letters to your dr. to explain things and tell the the defination of disabled accoring to SS and ask for a statement from them saying how you can't do anything for any length of time and how you have to rest many times throughout the day or what ever your situation may be. Have family members and friends write noterized letters saying you can't do anything anymore and how miserable your seem to feel all the time. Don't forget to let SS know the side affects you experience from your medication: for example, if you are on pain meds, do they make you tired, dizzy, or spaced out? Look up your meds on Web MD and see what the side effects are and see if you have any of those. Be consistent.. Don't say you can't sit or stand for very long and then say you like to go fishing. Say it like this: I like to go fishing, going to church, or whatever, but I am no longer able to do the things I enjoy as they aggrivate my condition. Have your husband go with you and make sure he tells how he has to help with chores or a family member has to help and so. Don't give up, and when you are sitting at your hearing make sure you don't hide your pain, if your in pain show it, wiggle around, ask to get up for a minute and so on. Remember other people can't see how you feel so do your best to explain it and don't hide it. Good luck and please keep trying to get a lawyer.
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    Number 1,don't dress up for the appointment.(I was told this by my lawyer when I went before the mighty one!)If they see you all dolled up it looks like you are doing well.Just go very casual and little or no make-up.
    Make sure if your asked about meds that you take....tell the judge the bad side effects such as groggy,very tired,naseated etc. Although my script for my darvecet and muscle relaxer says I can take then up to 3 times daily for pain,I told the judge that i'm only able to take them towards evening b/c I can hardly function while on them.(I have 2 small children to tend to.)
    Even your housework has to be paced because doing to much can throw you into a flare.(just ideas of what I said at mine.....They asked what a normal day for me was,like what do you do all day?)so just be prepared!
    Wishing you alot of luck!
    Anything else please ask OK.
    Best regards,
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    I will say a prayer for you! We are in the same boat. I am waiting for a hearing date and like you I have no attorney. Remember to answer all the questions based on your worst day. Don't tell them that some days I can do this or that. Just tell them what you can do on your worst days. I read a post once where this woman didn't shave her legs because of pain and she also told the judge that she doesn't sleep with her husband anymore because she keeps him awake tossing and turning in pain. Maybe you could let the hair grow until monday and use your hairy legs as an example of how the pain affects your grooming abilities. While waiting to go in to the hearing room, look miserable and uncomfortable. Like if the seats are hard let the guard see you trying to get comfy. Maybe even laydown. I plan on taking my mushy pillow. It goes wherever I go cause I never know if I will need to sit on it or rest my head on it. One more thing don't wear shoes that you have to tie. Best if you wear slip ons. Good luck to you. let me know how it goes. Take mental notes so you can share any info with me when its my turn.
    Ciao 4 Now
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    I am new here but wanted to comment. I filed my first case in 1998 have been to court twice and been denied twice in a federal case. I was told last time I am 40(Too young) am white and educated and they feel I just want to stay home with my 4 year old. I have been rear ended five times, have FMS and CFS and a badly reversed spine which causes extreme back and neck pain. I have a college degree and lost a $50,000 a year job from extreme pain and a lot of missed work. I then had to file for Chapter 13 and seriously can not pay bills or pay for the hundreds of dollars worth pills my Dr. has put me on and that is with insurance coverage. I take Dalmane, Viccadine, Neurontin, Valtrex and aome antioxidants and specific vitamins. They said cause of my age and degree that I should be able to load garments into boxes in the garment district. No matter what I said they turned everything around in court. They asked if I have dogs? Do you feed or play with your dogs? Do you shower and brush your hair and teeth. Do you ever do laundry, cook or clean? What exactly do you do every minute of the day?
    They said I should be able to do a job where I can sit, stand and move about on my own free will but they had no idea what that might be.
    I have applied a 3rd time and wonder if I now lose all the back pay if I ever win and since I have not been able to work since 98 if I will eventually lose all my benefits anyway? I was suppose to get almost $1300 a month and the last figure was $1100. Not sure why the amount is shrinking. I have an attorney and wonder if I could change to a different one?
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    lots of great advice.I just recieved my approval letter.I did have a lawyer. i would like to wish you luck. and give a little advice also.When you are asked a question--give the answer as if it were your worst day. and bring a bag with all your meds. and if you said you can only sit for a period of time, make sure you get up even during the questioning. If they ask about being able to dress yourself etc. I said i dont wear anything with buttons or laces. and i keep my hair short .I hope this helps and i wish you luck.
    Also no makeup and no jewelry.
    Let us know how you make out.
    Love Donna
  9. donmia

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    this up so Kara can see all the great advice before her hearing. Again,GOOD LUCK KARA
  10. maya

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this site. I read this post, and i wanted to share that my social security hearing is coming up with a judge. I do have a lawyer. I need some help with preparation for this hearing. Does anyone have any suggestions, any forms that have been compiled, charts and such I can keep to show and talk about to the judge? and also, any form letters I can give to my treating doctors, that has information they need to enclose in their letters. They have not written anything on my behalf, and I know I need solid documentation of how my disability/symptoms affect me to where I can not work. I think that's the bottom line for what needs to be proven. I know the wording has to be just so, and specific enough. If anyone has anything they've compiled and could share it with, I would very much appreciate.
    thank you...
  11. tandy

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    Hi Maya......
    The only suggestion I can make,is something that I did(and I won my case).I got copys of all my medical forms from dr visits,tests,pysical therapy,etc and I highlighted certain parts that I wanted noticed,such as....range of motion decreased by 30% in left arm,Chronic systemic illness,my PT had requested further visits to therapy-so I brought a copy of that.Anything that shows your condition is ongoing and your under a Drs/specialists care.remember even test reports,MRI,X-rays,IVP,Sed rate etc.
    Its a task but I believe it all helped me alot.
    Good luck!!
    Best regards,
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    HI Allhart,
    My advice to you is keep a journal of your days till the hearing. Let them see by your documentation what you are able to accomplish during the day and if you have a bad night let them know that too. Also let them know what you do to deal with your pain other than by taking med's. Such as relaxation techniques, biofeed back, lying on a heating pad or icing an area of pain or having to put your mind so intensely into something to take it off the pain. Let them know how long it takes you to do a simple task such as washing dishes. How many times you had to go sit down or lie down so you could finish the dishes.Let them know if you have children how it affects your being able to pick your child up or play with them. Document how that in turn affects your children. Their reaction to your not being able to pick them up. Please excuse me for going here but let them know how it affects your intiment time with your spouse. Let them know that the emotional upheavels in turn make the physical pain increase.Also let them know how the fibro fog affects your life to. In other words give them lots of documentation.If you have any other physical problems such as asthma or any thing else include them and the affects they have on your life too. Use any and all things. I did this when I applied and recieved my SSI which has the same guidelines as SSD.Good luck to you. I will say a prayer for you.