ss medical ins ever granted before the 2 yr wait?

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    I am so glad I can come to this forum. I have a question. My husband did get SS disability, but lost medical thru the county bc he now makes too much. I am waiting for approval for him to get medical thru the county again, but there will be a $400 deductible each month. I am in limbo trying to get a job bc getting him medical is first and foremost, and the county is really tight on how much they allow a family income to be and still get help. Anybody have any experience w getting the medical associated with disability before the two year waiting period? That wait will be up in April 2011. We are in Michigan now.
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    The insurance associated with SS is Medicare; the insurance associated with SS and low income is Medicaid. (Actually, some people are on both). As far as I know, there is always a 2 yr wait for Medicare; however, I am not sure if that wait applies to Medicaid, though it sounds like you may not be income eligible for it. (If you haven't checked, though, it would certainly be worth finding out.)

    There are state health insurance pools that may work for you. I can't tell you much more than that, though, becasue they vary a lot from state to state. I know that I was on Illinois' version before becoming eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, and it was not cheap, but it was better than anything else I could purchase at the time, and the coverage was actually very good.