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    Hi, I posted a longer post earlier but it is now gone???

    I am appealing my onset date for my social security that I was granted last year. i have heard that this can be a bad idea because the judge can take your benefits away all together. But I need to do this becuase my insurance is ending soon and I need to get medicare sooner and by moving up my onset date, I will get medicare (if I win), 6 months earlier. Please respond if you have ever experience an appeal for an earlier onset date or have any advice. I would really appreciate it.

    I am thinking about withdrawing my appeal but than I will have no insurance for a long long time and I am very sick and I need insurance more than I need clothes.....Please anyone who has gone thru this. I have lawyes saying to withdraw that you are lucky that you got it at all and I ahve lawyers saying you will be fine. You have the doctor and medical evidence to back you . I am so confused and stressed and have so much at stake.

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    I was just notified by my attorney that I will be granted disability effective on my 55th birthday, which was a few months ago. I originally applied for Social Security disability almost FIVE YEARS ago! I went through the whole process once and was denied at the end. So I reapplied.

    I decided, with my attorney's agreement, that I would not request a hearing to change the onset date to a couple of years earlier. The main reason is that, this way, I don't have to have a hearing. There is always the danger that the ALJ will take one look at you and think: You don't LOOK sick! I didn't want to risk that happening.

    I am fortunate, however, because I had long-term-disability insurance that I had purchased through my former employer. So, basically, most of the back-pay from Social Security would have gone to my LTD insurance company anyway. And I am not happy with them because they cut off my benefits once, saying I was no longer disabled, then reinstated them once my attorney got involved. I had to pay attorney's fees (well deserved) of almost $2000 but still out of my pocket. Then, my LTD insurance company changed my diagnosis to depression and anxiety. The rules for mental illness are that then they only have to pay benefits for 2 years, then they can cut you off...

    So, I may have to fight my LTD insurance company to keep the extra benefits I receive through them.

    I really just can't stand this whole thing! The illness is bad enough but what you have to go through with Social Security, insurance companies, friends and family is just TOO MUCH!

    Last week, I had a meltdown and was thinking suicide. Then I got a phone call from my attorney on Monday indicating I was approved for Social Security Disability benefits....

    I would never have predicted that...

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    post urls of most other sites...

    and this is a website that "grew out" of the above group:

    Hope that helps, I know how difficult and crazy-making it is.

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