SS psy Dr. freaked-wouldn't see me-now what?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texascountry, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. texascountry

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    SS told me I had to be evaluated by one of their psy. docs. So after waiting a month and a half, I finally had my appointment Friday.

    While I was waiting I did some research, I posted here and several of you were kind enough to write back. I also got some other information from books and articles and they all said the same thing. Protect yourself and if possible tape the interview.

    The letter from SS. take I had to bring someone who knew my health history, so my husband, who is paid hourly, took the afternoon off, at no pay, to take me.

    It took almost an hour to fill in all the paperwork - hard to write, hard to think. Anyway, we finally get into the dr. office and after he asks if I am there because I have filed for disability, I ask him if he minds that I tape the interview.

    Well-----that provoked quite a response. He said he did mind and why would I want to. I told him I wanted it so I could be sure I remembered what all had been said, that I had problems with my memory. He said that he believed the only reason was so that I could come back and sue him later.

    At that point I said fine, I wouldn't tape and turned to my husband and said, be sure you remember everything. The dr. freaked again and said he thought we needed to get another dr. to do the interview. He got up and said he was going to call SS and that we needed to wait in the waiting room. About 10 min. later, he came out and said that SS said we should just leave and contact them to set up a new interview with a different Dr.

    WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!!!!! I tried to call the person handling my case, but she wasn't in. Now, I have to start all over with this interview thing and I am afraid SS will label me as a trouble maker.

    Anybody else ever had this happen?
  2. opalgem

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    Wow! I know it probably left you in shock, but maybe you should of asked what he was so afraid of? What on earth would you sue him for? You are likely much better off that this whole thing happened. To put it lightly he seems like a "nut". I'm glad you had your husband for support. Making a new appointment and starting over sounds like the best thing to do. Good Luck
  3. Mrs. B

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    I hadn't thought of taping if I have to go to an SS doc but, I think I will now. If he's afraid of being taped or sued then he must be doing something wrong. Good for you! At least you will have to be treated fairly by the next doc you see. I hope all goes well for you.

  4. baybe

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    What's funny is it's commonly recommended that people with memory illnesses tape so they can listen later unemotionally.
    I hope you had the tape running,lol. I would get my lawyer right away, I hate to say this but their reaction puts you in a very good position to show bias and mistreatment on their side. A disability lawyer could probably turn this instance into a solidly cut case for you. I hate that things are this way, but that's life in a country with rules and standards written by lawyers. If they have them we need them.
    This physicians reaction may well have guaranteed you your disability. He has very thorough rules he is obligated to preform under and he failed miserably. The despicable part is these professionals believe they have us down and out and we won't risk pursuing it and their displeasure.
    Many of us buckle under sheer necessity, a moral stand is great, but who can afford it when we are dealing in survival.
    Get yourself a lawyer, and go for it right away, don't give them the chance to undermine your esteem or rights.
    This is of course my opinion. But I really belive we need to start backing each other against this System that has eaten us all up, I am sure even the physician isn't proud of the way his thinking, he started out to help people and now his job is to cut down on Government costs and keep himself out of law suits, I'm sure he's not thrilled with the way of doing business either.
    I think they have a lawyer through this website, that you can ask questions of. This is a perfect example.
    Love and Luck and support
  5. victoria

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    You might want to check with a lawyer, since I'm certainly not one, but I believe it's your right to tape your interview even secretly if necessary, since it's a conversation you're partaking in. And it's not over the phone (I think some states vary on their laws on that.) I agree with Baybe that a decent lawyer would be able to definitely work this to your advantage if necessary.

    I would however tell people (your caseworker in particular) up front beforehand that you're taping it for your purposes (memory) but that it's also for the doctor's protection as well as yours. I don't see how anyone can not agree without it making them look like they have something to hide. Stick to your guns, it'll be worth it.

    my only experience is thru my husband - he did this with his private insurance disability claim, as the first interviewer lied about what was said during a 'friendly' conversation. As a result, the next 'friendly' conversation took place at his lawyers office with me videotaping it. Since they knew beforehand, they did their own taping as well -- and as a result they've never bothered him since.

    (He also always tapes everything with traffic stops, as he's had some bad experiences -- funny how everything goes so much smoother with that tape recorder out and running!)

    Keep us posted, Texascountry!
  6. itscarrie

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    In Canada and in the UK as far as I remember it is perfectly acceptable to tape a call so long as ONE of the parties in the conversation is aware of the taping. Also I lived in Utah USA for one year and this applies there also..

    Quite honestly I'd be inclined to get a micro video and film his expressions as he's talking....sounds to me he had everything to hide and you now have everything to gain...if it were me I'd go for it.
  7. monicacat

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    What you need to do right now before any more time goes by is to sit down and wright your account of what occured at the office with the doctor and promptly send it to the person handling your case, send it certified and return receipt requested.

    You only have the doctors word that he called SS and that they said they would reschedule with another doctor. He could have very well lied. If SS thinks you didn't go through with the exam, they'll use it against you and make a determination without the exam.

    I speak from experience.

    Good luck,

  8. Ahorsesoul

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    I sure hope you can gain a lot of power for yourself from this experience! The next time you go to your regular doctor also ask if you can turn your tape on to remember what their treatment requirements are or at least have them tape your medicine instructions, so you can remember them of course. Then the SSD can not say you only try to do this with SSD. I think this is the most powerful SSD appointment I have ever heard! You are one great woman to send this "powerful" doctor up the walls. You deserve a star!
  9. hope-floats

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    With a taped interview, you have a record of the proceeding. Utilizing a tape recorder to go back and refresh your memory is simply a strategy used for individuals with cognitive deficits. The psychologist should have been more intuned with why you were requesting this acommodation. I'd speak with the SS office about your request. Make sure they understand the need for the interview to be recorded.

    The idea about contacting the SS office re: what happened is a good never know what was said, or to who.

    I wish you luck in advocating for yourself.
  10. LBV

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    Guess What,
    My son had to have speech therapy and he was only three. I never leave my small children alone with an adult I don't know, even a professional. I asked her if I could use a baby moniter to listen because I knew my being in the room would not be productive for the therapy. She didn't even hesitate. Sure was her immediate answer. Why? She had nothing to worry about! I asked my OB if we could film my child's birth because insurance at the hospital said no(evidence for malpractice if it should happen),but my doctor said sure! He was confident and sure of his skill!
    Be glad this was just a way not to get a bad opinion from an unsure doctor. Plus, it is nice to be honest, but being so tired it is hard work to chase down a competent doctor. Maybe next time you just start the recorder in your purse, unless it is for court, I don't think you have to ask for permission to tape something.
    good luck
  11. Tunes

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    Hi texascountry,

    Wow .. am I ever impressed with you. Fantastic idea!

    I understand your husband's loss of pay for time not worked. Just let me say: If you have no way of going to one of SS dtrs. appoint, you can tell them that, and they will provide the transportation. In your case .. your husband and you can't afford it. Tell them to provide the transportation.

    Secondly, there is a bottom line to all of this. Just think for a moment. Whose payroll are these doctor's on? They are not there as professionals who have any knowledge about you, your problems, your medical history, etc., and truly are in no position to judge you one way or the other. I believe that it is just one more hoop for us to jump through, which SS puts us through. Do it on their, SS's dime, not yours. I view them as an additional annoyance and source of frustration.

    My lawyer said, visits to them don't count. Your ongoing medical and any psychological visits you've had, weigh far more.

    Aside from the general population of most doctors running scared these days, and now this new confidentiality law which has caused me grief already, and has them running even more scared, sounds to me like you cornered a rat in the woodpile.

    One suggestion pertaining to the "confidentiality law" is to have copies of all tests done, sent directly to you. What I've run into is that doctor's will not send copies of another doctors records, to a specialist. Possibly with a release form .. but it's just one more paperwork hassle. I believe the intent is to reduce paperwork in the future, but I doubt any of us will see that in our lifetime. All past records will have to be scanned into one computer record, so that with given permission, other doctors can access it. Kind of like banking on line. This entire Hippa/Heppa ?? program is in it's infancy.

    Anyway .. let them pay for transportation. And don't worry about what they have to say. I saw three of them. A doctor, a psychologist, and they took x-rays. The doctor could hardly speak English. He didn't know what I was saying and I didn't know what he was saying. The psychologist was so so .. asked some questions. Right off the hop he wanted me to remember something. (memory test) I was having a not so foggy day, and just put the very first thing he said to remember at the forefront, and couldn't tell you what else he suggested I remembered. Then he went on with some other stupid questions. Like "what did I think of taxes?" What do most people think? Pitiful situation we have to live with, in my opinion. System has worked for this country so far, so I guess it's the best we got. After about a few minutes of nonsense questions, he then went back to the very first question he had asked. What was the first thing I told you to remember? Since I had forced the mental note of it, and it only, I told him. When he was done, I said .. "well, did I pass?" If he had asked me what I thought about SS, I would have given him a not so favorable dissertation! At that point, I was already filled to the brim with SS. My cup now runneth over with them, even after having been approved for SSD. What a bunch of incompetents, blunders they've made, who treat you in a demeaning way, and one's self-esteem is pretty well shot to begin with. That's only an iota of how I have been treated. Others have perhaps had more favorable experiences with them. So don't let what my experience has been, cause you to fret.

    Whatever, don't take the crap. We already have enough to deal with. I'm particularly proud of you. Do get a SSD lawyer though. They can help take some of the stress off you. Not all, but some.

    Take care & God Bless,

  12. annepat

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    If the psy bills for the entire appt. is it billing fraud? You migjht want to innocently call and check in a few months to see how the appt. billed. Wouldn't it be perfect if the psy billed for a comprehensive appt.!!

    Also, the psy needs to provide SSA with notes, and you are allowed access to these notes. GET THE APPT. NOTES IMMEDIATELY!!!