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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minxlinx, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. minxlinx

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    Social Security is sending me to a psychologist. I've never been to a psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor so I'm totally clueless. I don't know what to expect and would love to know what others have experienced.

    My old rhuemy, right before I moved (about 18 months ago) wanted me to see a psychiatrist immediatly after one of my last visits with him. Needless to say I didn't go because I didn't have the time. We went from hubby learning he was transferred to finding a house, closing and moving in 1 month! My current doctor has agreed it would be helpfull for me to see someone (though not a psyciatrist because they would want to give me drugs, as if I don't take enough already). I just haven't gotten around to it, even though I know it would be greatly beneficial.

    Now that I am forced to go I would really like to know what to expect. Also I'm curious as to whether I would be better off going to a private doctor or counselor in addition to, or in place of the SS Psychologist.


  2. jakeg

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    When you go to see this doc just be yourself. This is nothing to really worry about unless you have something to hide. I have been to see 1 last month and 1 about 15 years ago although it was not an SS psycho. Both times that I went it was for an evaluation for depression. The last time the psycho told me after the eval that if all of her patients were as depressed as me she would be out of a job, meaning no depression noted. You should be fine, just be yourself

  3. zerped

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    I did my PDE (Psycho Diagnostic Evaluation) 8/31/05 and received my copy of his findings. After complaining to a friend about the stuf he was saying about me, my friend interrupted and said, "What are you doing? This guy is trying to argue on your behalf! The two of you don't agree on what's wrong with you, but you're on the same team here."

    I don't know where he's coming from on this. He reports that a) I definitely have the physical problems I talk about; I'm not making something up, b.) I am not a hypochondriac, and c.) I can't handle the stress and mental demands of any kind of work to make a living.

    Of course, I want to be approved, but I want to be approved for having this terrible disease for which there is no cure...Like my friend said, at the end of the day, we're both in agreement, and that's what really matters.

    As others have mentioned, relax as much as possible and be yourself. There are no "trick." However, remember that the evaluation begins the first moment he/she lays eyes on you. I made a choice to not bring along my cane to my appt. and he noted this in his report, saying "He got up the stairs just fine without the cane when I saw him." I'd be interested to hear if your psych is up one flight of stairs or on the ground floor. So far everyone I've read here says it's always up one flight; like that's part of the test!

    Relac though, it's not bad at all, and the doc isn't working for or against you. They do make (in my area) about $1000 per evaluation, so they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them...

  4. 69mach1

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    but if you are dealing with depression/anxiety it is much better to go to them while and before ou file for ssi/ssdi because they want to see that you have been toa specialist and going to a psychiatrist isn't all a bad thing for meds...they are usually from my experience more informed about drugs and interactions....

    good luck
  5. Jen102

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    lasted about an hour. because i am so chemically sensitive that it is very difficult to go to offices, he came to my house. he asked questions about the illness, what i do with my day, and asked some test questions--who is president, past presidents, count back by sevens. i have great fatigue, and couldn't count back correctly and after about 3 count backs, asked if i could stop because i would be in bed for a week due to the effort it took to figure it out. i don't know what he said in his report. he said to me in person that i had reactive depression (sadness due to health and loss of life rather than depression causing my physical symptoms) or at least grief for my lost life. he said that i couldn't hold a job due to my health and great fatigue. i appreciated him greatly as he helped my case.
  6. minxlinx

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    I'll go and be me, no matter the consequences! Thank you for you answers. Now I have another question, is there anyhing I should infer from the fact that they are sending me only to a psychologist and not to a rhuemy or any other doctor?


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