ss says I have to see Dr.- help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texascountry, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. texascountry

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    I just received a letter regarding my application for SS. I am required to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for "depression, fatique and fibromyalgia".

    Has anyone else had to do this? What can I expect? Are there set questions he'll ask? I am really nervous about this and would just like some insight.

    I believe this came about because the pain doctor I was seeing told me that he couldn't do anything more for me until my depression was under control. He believes that my depression causes my chronic pain. He did one treatment of trigger point injections - they didn't help, just felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to my already sore neck and shoulders.

    Anyway, any insight into seeing this psy. Dr. would really help lower my anxiety. Thanks
  2. courtney5771

    courtney5771 New Member

    I will let ya'll know what they do and say. I think they ask a bunch of questions and memory stuff. I am going for clinical depreassion, generalized anxiety disorder and fms.

  3. artisticweb42

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    It is part of the requirement when applying for disability. This is to evaluate if part of the reason you are unable to work is because of your depression.

    I went in and took this very easy written test, asking everyday knowledge questions. Then it was given to the psy. and I went in and spoke with him. He asked some very baisc quetions about my mood and any medication I was on. He said he was there just to evaluate my depression level and not to decide whether or not I received the disability. It took maybe 15 mins. I left feeling rather disapointed. I guess I expected more from it.

    Don't be surprised if you are denied benifits. I've had FMS for 10 years and was denied. Now that was depressing. I gave up and started a homebased business. Looking back I wished I had acted more depressed than I was. Maybe that would have helped my case, strange huh?

    Not suggesting anyone lie or try and fool anyone!!!!

    Good luck with getting disability. If you are turned down you do have a certain amount of time to respond to that denial. I've heard most of the time you have to go to court and it's best to have an attorney when you do. I didn't want to go through that. However, I believe everyone should fight for what they deserve and I believe people with FMS deserve disability!
  4. Ahorsesoul

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    Have been to see the Dr too. Nothing to be nervous about, just be careful of how you say something. Talk about what you can NOT do and how it has changed your life. I took my spouse and they did spoke with him too. My spouse was able to tell them about how I often left the stove on, burned food and would forget to even cook dinner since I sometimes thought we had already eaten. I think it was a good answer to "Are you able to cook dinner for the family?". Remember this is the time to tell them your problems and how it has destroyed your life. Wishing you lots of luck. Sometimes it takes a couple of times with SS so if you are denied, try try again. No need to lie, FM gives enough bad side effects to get SS. Good Luck from Ahorsesoul
  5. janet38

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    i also seen them.they ask questions a banana and orange are alike,how is a dog and tiger alike,if i would see a letter stamped on the ground what would i do with it?how is a table and chair alike.did i go out to visit friends?what do i do for fun?
    little things like that.good luck.i was denied so i am appealing.

  6. JannyW

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    ... was a joke. I also saw the shrink, who told me I was "easy to interview" and had chronic depression -- duh! Try not to be too worried about it. Just don't go in dressed to the nines and with your hair done & make-up on. Have someone else drive you, and look as tired & miserable as you can.

    Jan ^v^
  7. courtney5771

    courtney5771 New Member

    He asked me the same question's that were stupid and stupid math and memory stuff. Going there made me even more depressed he told me I needed to be in weekly or bi-weekly psychotherapy I was so bad. I am pretty sure I will get benefits. He also told me that I don't take care of myself in any aspect of my life. That hit me really hard. He asked why I hadn't been in therapy in 1 year and I said I thought I was doing ok- depression is normal to me. The visit shook me up some and hit reality buttons. At least he was through.

  8. kimkane

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    i to went to the ss dr, to me it was a joke. i saw an medical dr and a shirnk. they ask a bunch of dumb questions like who raised you, what did your parents do for a living. i have had fibro and cfs for almost 4 yrs now and cannot work, i am lucky to do a few things around the house.
    do not worry just let them know what you go thru on a day to day basis. take all your meds and anything your dr can give you. good luck kim