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    Guess what...if you've been reading any of my posts or replies, I've been going through pure hell with Social Security about my disability. After taking 149 days the first time to get denied (limit is 120 days), I appealed in the reconsideration process and evidently they received it in October and just admitted to me that it's been sitting on someone's desk this whole time unopened. As you know, you have 60 days to appeal otherwise they throw out your case, so when I found out, my case was gone and they hadn't received anything, I was pretty angry to say the least.

    So anyway, it's nice to know that SS just admitted to me that there was absolutely no excuse for that and they are very sorry and will be looking into it. They will expedite my case and include my fax to the medical director (which I would think would get me approved just by that from what I said in the letter). I actually have a lawsuit on my hands now so that oughtta scare them enough to put the approved stamp on my case!

    At least they didn't lie and make up some excuse, so I'll give them that.

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    Here's hoping they get their act together and get you approved ASAP! Lendi