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  1. TKE

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    I figured I'd get denied. I filed under Fibro, DDD lower back, thyroid disease, myofascial pain syndrom.

    SSA says because I worked 5 years as an Adm. Assistant from 1998-2003 they feel I can do this type of work now.....NOT!!

    My doc told me my MRI's I recently had done showed my lower back was better. DDD with herniation in 2004, went out major August. I disagreed with him, as I now have numb feet & constant muscles jumping in my legs. My legs get weak & shake walking down stairs. I also have trouble going up stairs. By the time I get to the top I've slowed way down.

    It also showed I now have DDD in my neck with 2 buldged & 1 herniated disc, and deg. arthritis. My neck hurt, but I didn't know why. I can't stand more then 10 minutes or sit for long periods without increased pain. Sitting at a computer causes me increased pain in neck, lower back & shoulders.

    I also deal with sleep & fatigue problems, but I guess because I'm not on meds they assume I'm fine. I don't take meds due to stomach problems.

    I see the neurosergon on the 15th to discuss my options as to my lower back & neck.

    So I guess now I'll have to appeal.

  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    my case should be here soon. no meds due to stomach i have fibro and chronic myofascial ddd 4 disc herniations this makes me think im going to be denied im only 37 so it is hard enough with the age thing.hope you have better luck next time charlene
  3. TKE

    TKE New Member

    My Huz thinks I should appeal on my own after I see the neurosergon on the Nov. 15th. I don't know what to do. I'm 49, so I figured they'd deny me due to my age right off the bat. Lawyer refused to talk to me prior to being denied. Said once I was denied then call them if I wanted legal counsil.

    I don't have a copy of my records. Doc wants $30.00 & I don't have it. Even then I doubt it would do me any good, as I can't read his hand writing. He's so busy it's hard to get in & then you only get 15 minutes. Not much time to go over stuff.

    Huz & I went to Sam's Club last Sunday. I know I wasn't able to walk around for more than 10-15 minutes. Then I actually rode on the front of the cart & then we found a fold up chair for me to sit in to rest my back. Yeah I can work....NOT!!!


  4. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    no money up front and well worth it i do have one so well see what happens i should be going to court soon.the dr has to have your records typed and ss and your lawyer will get them you dont need to. charlene n.y.
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  5. TKE

    TKE New Member

    >>get a lawyer and appeal keep appealing until you win. <<

    Am thinking this is what I'll have to do.

    >>this is worth probably $1000 a month until you get better or you retire, so it's well worth pursuing. <<

    Not mine. It's only around $800.00 a month, but that's better than nothing.

    >>you will have to prove that you are unable to work full time at a sedentary job which is the lowest level of work activity. otherwise they will say you can do other sedentary work (like the adm. job). <

    The phys therapists told me I shouldn't be working even at a desk job due to my neck & back....DDD & myofascia triggers. They told me my whole upper back & shoulders are loaded with them & will never go away. I told my doc this.

    >a functional capacity exam is a good test to get for pain and fatigue.<

    Who does this & can you explain what it is? I refuse to take anymore tests that cause me major pain like the EMG study did.

    >also any mental or cognitive problems should be documented - depression, concentration problems etc., a neuropsych exam is good for that. SS may send you to those exams if you can't pay for them yourself. <

    I go thru mild bouts of depression due to not being able to function on a normal level...too tired all the time. Winter is always hard on me to due to the cold & darker days. I took zoloft for 6 months a few years back & it didn't help at all. All it did was cause me allot of side effects so I went off it.

    I have no endurance anymore. I have to take breaks even doing minor chores.

    My mind works great & then suddenly it just goes blank, but not on a regular daily basis. It tends to fluxlate allot. I have vast knowledge of many things, but they get stuck in my brian at times.

    In the last year I have also noticed my spelling has gotten terrible, especially when typing. I have to go back & correct words over & over. It's like my fingers aren't getting the right signals. Writing has gotten worse. I can't control the pen. If I have to write for any length of time my hand cramps up.

    I've also noticed I am fogetting directions to place I frequent, but haven't been in a few weeks or months. I also get nervous about stuff now I didn't before.

    >you should list sleep problems and also document those with a sleep lab test. <

    I sleep like a rock once I fall asleep, but wake tired. Takes me awhile to get moving. I crawled in bed this morning around 2:30 Am. My mind was racing & racing so it took awhile to get to sleep. I woke around 7:30 AM & dozed back off for another 45 minutes. But here's the thing...I never sleep longer than 6 hours max & then 6-7 hours later I need a 2-3 hour nap due to fatigue. Would a sleep study show this?

    >the more problems the better. often it's the accumulation of multiple problems that will get you approved<

    I listed Fibro, DDD lower back, myofascia trigger pain & thyroid. I listed pain & fatigue as my major issues. I didn't mention neck as I assumed the MPS was the cause of my neck pain when I applied, but found out since it's DDD/2 buldged 1 herniated & deg. arthritis now. SSA had those reports pre my denial. However the MRI report on my back (DDD) showed it had gotten better in the last 2 years, when it's actually gotten worse!

    I'm sitting here with muscles jumping in my legs & arms, hands tingling & shaking, pain in my shoulders/neck/lower back & my feet are numb. I can't stand very long & sitting too long increases pain, sitting at computer increases neck & upper back pain. I can't take meds due to my stomach/side effects so I didn't run to the doc allot. I wrote all this on my questionaires.

    What really pis--es me off is people (have a neighbor like this) who are of SSD for back problems alone & can build additions onto their homes, including second story, carry heavy items all the time, do everyday normal stuff on a regular basis & here we sit fighting for 1 normal day a month & get denied over & over.

  6. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    When I got the denial letter, I was so filled with so many emotions, I would not know where to start describing them.

    When I finally "got over it", I decided, I had to appeal. I worked as long as I could - until I was mentally, physically, spiritually exhausted. SS says I can find work that will "sustain" me, by their standards. Hah!

    I decided I would have to have an attorney, in the long run, so why not make him earn his money at the start - with the appeal. I spent 2 hrs in his office a couple of weeks ago and left it in his hands. His assistant helped me fill out the appeal. It would have taken me weeks of obsessing with it - to get it done. It was simple, over, and done.

    The waiting has now begun........

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