SSA disability looks at the psychiatric part before the fibromyal

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    I have an appt to see an attorney this thursday to look over my form to fill out to take to SSA and when I file for disability. You can download the form (edited to remove URL) and click on disability. the lawyer said they look at your mental condition over the fibromyalgia. I see a shrink just to get my narcotic medicine and I also see a rheumatologist for the fibro part. The lawyer said SSA looks at all the medication you are on especially narcotic meds and why you need it and how it affects you and what you can and cannot do.I take morphine and percocet plus 3 anti depressents and some other stuff. the lawyer was surprised I was on morphine
    but I must say that it sure beats oxy and vicoprofin-percocet last a while. I take 8 a day of that and 90mgs of morphine. the shrink is the only doctor who isnt afraid to write out so much stuff for me like other doctors I have had.
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    I applied for SSDI in August of last year, and was awarded disability as of July of last year. I get my first check next month. I was very amazed when I got the phone call from my rep telling me that I got it. However, it was awarded for my depression only. Though I have been treated for FM/CFS/DDD since March of '02, and am on narcotics, plus several other meds, they didn't base their decision on any of my physical ailments. I go to a pain clinic, and rheumy for my pain and it's well documented. It's very sad that they don't base it on the symptoms of these DD's alone. If they only knew!