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    We went for the ssa doctor appt today. First of all he was a jerk!!!!! He said that he was there to do a psychatric evaluation only. Mickey had touble answering his question because he can not think very well. The doctor would interupt a lot. He really made Mickey uncomfortable and mad!! He said several times that he has a brother just like Mickey. Do not know if that is good or bad, I think maybe good. He did say, "You did not do anything to cause your back pain, it is heridtary. I am sorry that you are in so much pain." He told M that he needed to lose 75 pounds and he would not have to take so much meds!! DUH!!
    I filled out the doctor evaluation report when I got home and sent it in telling how the doctor acted. I asked if M was satisfied with the visit, I wrote that depends on what the doctor says in his report. Oh well, time will tell I guess. Praise God we have made one more step.
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    Yes, I went to one SSD sent me to, got depressed in there
    just asked stupid questions, he wanted a yes/no answer
    not everything was a yes or no.
    evaluation from him was I could work, 20 minutes, & he knew everything so he thought.
    The doc., from SSD their job is to find just one thing in what you say that you can work.

    Its best to go to your own & submitt the paperwork
    Doc. said I could work, I was fine, Personally
    he needed to see the doc. more than I
    I do not believe he can evaluate you in one short visit

    I pray, you made it for your SSD
    Blessings to you