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  1. Bratnut

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    Hi there,

    I've been gone from the board for awhile..busy..,but I have a question. I'm scheduled for an hearing with an administrativie judge at the end of the month. In the letter I received it said that they would have a vocational counselor present. Is this normal? Anything to worry about? Anyone dealt with this before?

    I'm nervous about this. I've been off work for 4 years because of lots of injuries and FM and I am finally getting a hearing.

    Any thoughts on this anyone?

  2. jeanann

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    I would suggest you ask the vocational counselor what their credentials are. They should have the designation CRC. They should be knowledgable of fibro. They sign ethics to get the designation that state they can not do harm to a disabled person. So they should be friendly to you. Or at best neutral. They will be there to assist in the determination of what kind of work you are capable of if any.

    My prayers are with you
  3. Bratnut

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    I appreciate the answer. I guess I'm scared that they are their to prove that there is nothing wrong with me. I guess even though I've had doctor after doctor say that I'm not nuts or malingering, I'm still afraid that because of my education level, they will say well you can't do systems analyst work anymore, but you can do "something horrible" like they did before. I guess I was viewing the vocational counselor in an adversary role. It's good to know their are ethics that they must subscribe to.

    Also, I'm not that confident in my counsel at the moment. He was hired by my private disabiltiy company, but has been pretty negligent in pushing my case. I guess I'm going to really have to push him.

    Sorry I didn't get back to your answer sooner. I really have been in and out of computer land a lot lately.