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    Hello there. I have my interview with SSA on Thurs. I have FM/CFS along with Depression/Anxiety. Any advise and info anyone can give me would be greatly apprecuated. I am a total nervous wreck!!!! LIKE THIS KIND OF STRESS IS NEEDED. Don't know what to expect with questions or what to wear. Is it better to take my med records? I have been reading the posting boards and been in the chat rooms and really appreciate the info and advice that comes from there. Please advise I can't even think right now so much pain and stress!!!! Thanks Mevy
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    I am hoping that you will get some responses to your question. I would like to know as well. Maybe someone will respond soon.

    Good Luck,

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    if any...go as usually are...i have gone over a week w/o a shower...i have had my son tell me i need a makes me feel sad to write this...but it is called depression....

    you sound like you are in the right frame of mind...can't think and so mcuh pain...this is what you what to tell them..

    are you getting physical or mental eval?

    physical can be a joke..last time i had one the dr said you hurt have fibro all over...wanted me to bendover to uch toes...walk on heels...i couldnt;;

    mental eval...they will ask you questions try not to remember them...they may ask you to remember 3 word and they will come back in a minute or five minutes and ash you what they were...

    do try make it up...or if you can't rrember good for you..

    my dad won his on being verbally abusive and cursing...his psychaitrist in michigan prompt him for the test and said he had to go in there and just be fouled mouth...if you want to win it on the first time......

    i won on the first time myself...i didn't use language like that but i told them everything about sexul molestation to all the happy things that went on in my life...sarcastic..

    check out this