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    I finally found the phone number I had used for the SSA Payment Center. This is after you are approved for SSD, and your monthly and back pay information are sent, logged in and where your payments supposedly come from. If you have a backlog in getting your payments or back pay, you may want to try calling the number. It is also a number if you have lost checks. NOTE IT IS A TOLL NUMBER.

    Follow the instructions, then write down the appropriate number for your particular social security number.

    -- Call 410-965-8882
    -- When you get the recording, follow the voice prompts.
    -- Press or say "1" for Social Security Program Info.
    ---Press or say "1" again on the next menu for Social Security Disability Matters or lost checks.
    -- Press or say "1" again on the next menu to be able to enter your own Social Security Number SN.
    ---It will ask you to enter the first 5 digits of your Social Security number. Enter those
    -- You should receive a message similar to "FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, THE DIRECT NUMBER TO DIAL IS . . . . (write down that number as it is the specific location that is assigned to your case/payments).
    ---It will then ask you to press 1 if you need the number repeated, or press 2 to connect you.