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    I have been trying to wrap my head around filling out the pain form, function report and work history paperwork for the SSA. I am suppose to have it returned by the 18th but I haven't even started filling this stuff out. I look at it and immediately become extremely overwhelmed and anxious. I don't even know where or how to began telling these people how it feels to live with fibromyalgia and CFS.
    Has anyone been through this process? Would you give me some suggestions on what TO say and what NOT to say on these forms. If you can give specific statements to make that would be great. I'm going through a terrible flare right now. I'm so brain fogged that I can't even complete a sentence without stammering and trying to remember the point I intended to make. It's so awful for me right now. I don't want to mess this up and want SSA to get a clear and believe able representation of what my day to day life is like.

    I know I can't do a lot of stuff I use to do anymore but how do I state this accurately on these forms so that it's believable?
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    I don't have fibro or CFS, but I have been through the SSD process.

    One of the things to be decided BEFORE you apply for SSD is whether you can handle the entire process yourself, or whether you need to have an advocate, representative or attorney assist you. If you are extremely overwhelmed filling out these forms, know that you will receive forms from SSA probably several times throughout the process with dates by which to return them.

    PLEASE immediately get someone trusted to help you with these forms and for the rest of the forms that may come in during your case, as well as you getting your medicals and regularly sending copies to SSA to update them. You must face that you will need help with this case to have someone be with you going over each question and help you with your case.

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    My hands were hurting so much yesterday that I couldn't post all I wanted to.

    To add to what I posted yesterday:

    Many claimants going into the SSD (Social Security Disability) process know that they are disabled and feel that the (Social Security Administration) will automatically recognize that. WRONG.

    Claimants feel that SSA will prove their case for them and get all their medical records for them and the claimant can sit back and do nothing. WRONG. SSA is not there to prove your case for you. This is where claimants fail and their cases are denied and they are confused at where it all went wrong.

    You must go into the process giving it everything and presenting all your medical records, and even having your doctors complete some of the forms I have on the Disability Board here (for Fibro, mental health, musculature, General, etc.). Those forms I refer to contain questions that SSA want answered from your specialist doctors. In addition, you must keep SSA updated with your medical records, lab work, tests performed, visits to new doctors, prescriptions, etc.

    Unfortunately if YOU don't provide SSA with copies of your medical records from ALL YOUR DOCTORS, and instead leave it to DDS/SSA to obtain, you are placing your case at a distinct disadvantage as follows:

    (1) You will probably find that if you have 10 doctors, that the Disability Determination Service (DDS), which is the state agency in each state helping SSA, will send out medical record requests to only about 5 or 6 doctors--leaving your other doctors out and this is a disadvantage to you. I have found this to happen from claimants themselves.

    (2) And if you have one doctor or more who refuses to provide medical records to DDS pursuant to their request, it means your doctor(s) is uncooperative with SSA and your visits to that particular doctor are totally useless to DDS and SSA in determining your disabilty. DDS and SSA will never have your medical records from that doctor(s).

    This is why you must be prepared to take on the voluminous paperwork involved in presenting your case in the best light at the very beginning when you apply and carry through to the very end--even through denials and appeals. You go at your case to try to win at the earliest possible level. Yes many people are denied at the early level, but many people don't provide the info required, or enough info, or fail to respond to DDS/SSA requests to them and are then denied--usually then there is nothing in the DDS/SSA files to show they are disabled.

    If you cannot do this, act now and get an attorney to try to get an extension and the attorney will gather medical records, etc. But if you do nothing, you face having your case denied because your inaction doesn't fill their file with info to prove you are disabled.

    I hope my words have conveyed to you that SSA and DDS is not going to understand that you're having a fibro flare and brain fog, or if you talk to them and break down crying, they're not going to say that "you're approved." In fact, they deny cases in which people die of their ailments shortly after denial. This is not a kind and gentle process. They are by the book and looking for cases to deny to reduce the huge workload of cases on their desks. The reduction in their staff has been great for many years.

    Please act now to get help and I send many hugs and prayers. I wish our SSD system had so many improvements to help claimants, but it does not.

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