SSD and CFS Any Advice?

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  1. Tieredofbeingtiered

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    I have reached bottom after a 3 year steady fall. First symptoms showed up nearly 15 years ago. Over the last five years the symtoms continued to escalate. Over the last year it has gone full blown. Just can't work any longer. Going for SSD drawing my own "earned benefits. I went to doc to get ball rolling...she is in agreement about the diagnosis of CFS...Gave me anti-depressants. Most commons side effect "fatigue"....hmmmmm. Went online to apply. I think I am going to go ahead and go to the SS office, too tired to figure out what they are talking about. Have contacted an attorney who says to contact her as soon as I am denied the first time

    Anyone have any advice? Anyone been approved for CFS SS benefits? How long did it take and what was the procedure?
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  2. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi tired--

    one thing you need to be sure of is that your docs all prove that you meet the CDC criteria for cfs, since that is a focus right now & ssa has been instucted in the fact that it is real and disabling. (found this in a SSA legal book or something)

    This is in your favor at this time, and as soon as you have support from docs that show HOW the symptoms affect your ability to work 8hrs/day, 5days/week, and meet the criteria (DOCUMENTED) send it all in (KEEP COPIES!!)

    now the one thing NOT in your favor--the SSA has come up w/new rules in august of 2006, changing the appeal process, so that you can't appeal multiple times like before. (in same SSA book--it's online but LENGTHY!)

    So, if you could have an attorney make sure all is in order and is what they want to see, all the beter.

    SSA doesn't care as much WHAT YOU HAVE, only how it afffects your work ability, so back up every symptom and diagnosis with HOW it AFFECTS your ability to SUSTAIN gainful employment.

    good luck--L

    oh, just realized you are new--WELCOME to the board!
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  3. Tieredofbeingtiered

    Tieredofbeingtiered New Member

    Thank you so much for your reply...It is good to just know that I am not alone. My doc says she first has to rule out all the other possible causes to make a diagnosis of CFS. She has so far done a full blood test to test for whatever, and a chest X-Ray and is going to be doing other tests next week. She is more than willing to help me with my claim. I think there is a $10.00 charge for any form she has to fill out,"saw this sign on the wall", but hey that ok...she beleives what I have is real and disabiling.

    Is there some sort of checklist or some such that she will do to determine how these symtoms affect my ability to work? Does the SSA ask pointed questions of her?

    Or should I just let her know what they need??? She says the SSA my send me to their own this true???
  4. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    wow, your doctor sounds great--really compassionate and knowledgeable! Can we clone her? What type of doc is she?
    I'm really happy for you to find such a jewel in a vast pile of rocks--good luck--L
  5. suzetal

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    SSD can send you to a doctor of theres.They sent me to one on my first try.

    He put in his report that all he could find wrong with me is that I was sad.HA .......I had just FM at the time.

    I was denied on my first and second try no attorney.Got a bench approval before the ALJ .She could see how sick I was.She also said that I was a creditable witness.And I am sure she knew I was in pain due to my medications I was on and there doctor at the hearing commented that with the medication I was on it was obvious that I had FM and sever pain and recommended that I get approved.

    I dressed like I was going to work the only thing that did not look to good was my hair.My husband has to do my hair cause I can not lift my arms and I no longer wear makeup.

    Now you say your going down to SS office to fill in your forms.Remember if she/he ask you how long you can sit do not tell her/him 10 minutes your meeting with her/him will probably take at least an hour so if you say only 10 minutes they can see that you can sit longer than that so make sure you stand and move around in your seat.They will take there own little notes.

    Good luck
  6. mossrose101

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    I too went to their internet site and couldnt figure out what to do but there was a phone number there. I called the number and they took some info. and set-up a phone appointment with me.

    A week or so before the phone appointment, I received information in the mail as to what information I should have ready for my interview. When the appointment day came, someone called, I provided all the information that they asked for. I did not have my doctor's medical notes but provided all his info. so they could contact him.
    After the phone appointment, I received a packet in the mail that asked all kinds of questions about my daily life...what I could and could not do etc. and a review of all the information that I provided during the phone interview. I filled it out and mailed it back to them. A month or so later I received my award letter. I know I was truly lucky to be approved the first time.

    I do think you can do a phone interview though in case you are not up to traveling to their office. Check out their internet site again.
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  7. Tieredofbeingtiered

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    LOL...just noticed that I spelled tired wrong in my username. There you have it. Can't think no more, can't possibly remember how to spell.

    I want to thank EVERYONE for all the replies and help. Trying to take it all in, gather info, and arm myself for the battle ahead with my Disability case. I have contacted Allsup to handle the attorney end. They were so extremely helpful and knowlegable and willing to take the time to listen and to actually give advice on steps to take before even taking my case. Anyone else have Allsup represent them?

    Anybody out there self employed??? I have run my own business from home for the last 7 years. A question on the SS ap was when the illness started. It became disabling in 2004. Did not work at all...Tried to work in 2005...earned a total $4774 in 2005 as stated on my SS earnings statement. Is that considered employed??? Not to me it isn't. In 2006 my earning will be perhaps $500.00 for the entire year. I am in the process of closing the business permanately. What kind of income is considered employed? Anyone out there self employed an gone through SS disabliliy? Does SS go by gross income? IBT? Net Income?

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