SSD claims Who makes the initial decisions.Local or State office

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    When you turn in your first claim and then your appeals who actually makes the decisions on them? My attn will be in the town with a local office an hour away from. We have another town that's 45 min from me and they have a local office. She said they could send my case to either town and she would travel. When I called the SSA 800# they had initially set me up an appt in the office 45 min from me. That is the office that called me back so does that mean they will be handling my claim.

    They told me I can file online so does that mean they will process the claim? Will that office be making the initial decision or will they send the claim to our state office which is in OKC. I was thinking if they handle the claims from my area since it's not a very large city they possibly won't have as many claims on the docket and it might not take as much time to get a hearing.

    Am I making sense to ya? Guess I just want to know if someone in that office has the authority to say yea or nay.