SSD DENIED!! - My Doctor not even listed on form?!? Now what do I

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achy, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. achy

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    We need to have a crying icon. I know i am not the first to be denied but I feel like I was just kicked in the teeth.
    What really ticks me off is that on the Explanation of Determination page they list the "evidence used"...
    they have 9 drs. listed, four of which they sent me to...
    But MY treating Dr is not listed!! He is the Doc that suggested I stop working...even got me a Dis. parking permit. Why is he not listed!?
    One question...two docs have a star by their name...anybody know what that means??
    I am also amazed they say i can do daily activities without assistance? I always stated my hubby had to help me wiht almost everthing.
    It figures I would get this on a saturday...Have to deal wiht this all weekend before I can call SS....
    Anybody know a good lawyer in NW Fla?? Where do I go from here?

    anybody have a tissue?
    Warm fuzzies
  2. Cactuslil

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    I was exactly regarded as you; my doctors, my psychiatrist of eight years and is cross-trained in neurology, was not accepted as one of their qualified experts!

    Keep fighting. Your cause is just and if you don't have a lawyer get one and make sure they are a "friend of the court". I finally won the lessor case and the greater case is being heard this month in Virginia. CactusLil'
  3. allhart

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    sweety im so sorry,
    they didnt even list some of my main drs in my denial letter and it had look as if they copied exactally what one of there dr had said word for word!
    i went in front of the alj in nov who wouldnt even look at my new dr reports or talk to my witnesses! i was so mad its now jan and still havent heard anything! when i called ss the lady told me to write my congressmen and let them know what was going on so i did the congressmen wrote me and called and said he was sending a letter of support to the judge and if i contuie to have promblems let them know and they will help me further,so please fill your appeal and send your dr reports along with it! also write your congerssmen now i sent them a few copies of my records so they could see for them selfs that i should have been approved,
    this realy sucks it seems like the sicker you are the harder it is to find help im truley sorry that they are putting you threw this there system needs to be changed
    youll be in my prayers
  4. blondieangel

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    That totally sucks! Look for attorney Scott Davis - he posts on this site - just had a new post recently about obtaining SSD. He's based in Arizona, but will take any FM case anywhere. You only pay him out of your SSD earnings when you win, so no out of pocket cost, other than assisting him him proper records.

    I used him and finally will too!

    Love, Blondieangel