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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jeanderek, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. jeanderek

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    I called my case worker and she said that my claim had been denied Friday and I should be getting a letter in the mail in the next couple of days. I am mad, angry, frustrated and everything else you can imagine. I am going to call an atty tommorrow. Do any of you know how to find a good one? I am in Chattanooga, TN and I have heard of a service that some have used online to find one. Any help would be apprecitated. I am so tore up right now and my husband is here but I can't let him see how mad i truly am. I have to try and maintain because i dont want to upset him anymore than what he is over it. Thanks guys
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    I was just turned down the 2nd time February 28th. I also called and found out (I think my call triggered the letter, actually). I knew that I would be denied because I don't have adequate medical evidence yet but it still hurts because you and you alone really know how disabled you are and you almost want to give that claims person your body to live in so he/she can feel what you are feeling.

    Just don't give up and make sure you get either a recommended attorney or an attorney that specializes and is successful in only Soc Sec Disability claims. A lot of them advertise online but if you can get a recommendation from someone who has been successful that would be a good thing.

    I wish you all the best and send a special hug.

    From another turned down claimant,
  3. danisue22

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    Hi jean, So sorry. It's such a struggle but don't give up . Sometimes I think ,they think if your sick enough you'll keep at it and if your not dening you will get you to quit. Hang in there girl .It will all work out in the end. Your in my prayers. Danisue
  4. jeanderek

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    Since I posted this earlier I have been on the ball. I called my mother and she told me of an atty that a friend of hers used that has a great rep for getting people thier benefits. She has worked on several cases for people that my mother knows and they have all came out with benefits, and the fact that she is a women makes me feel alittle better at telling her everything that is going on as well. I called and left a message at her office and it was closed for the day but I will try again tomorrow if I dont hear from them first. Also I have called several friends and family memebers I am going to get all of them to write letters on my behalf telling how i use to be compared to now and how my life has changed since I have been sick. I think it might help win my case to have people who have known me all my life backing me up cause they see it everyday and can tell from a different perspective besides the disabled person. Well i just wanted to update I have been busy since I found out that I was denied and I expected it because most get turned down but we all hope that we are the exception ya know. I am not going to let it get me down, already let it bring on a headache today any time something stressful happens I get a pounding headache. Blood pressure was through the roof earlier but I am better now, Hubby went and got me some taco bell so I am good lol, comfort foods dont ya just lovem lol. Anyways I just wanted you all to know that I am pressing forward and already have my appeal papers coming to fill out as well as the letters. Thanks again,

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    ((((((((((((((((((( Hugs ))))))))))))))))))

    I have no answers for you. Just sending love and some prayers.

    Luv Ya, Louise xoxox

    P.S. I wish the best for you.
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    Recieved my first denial letter today as well. Maybe March is their budget month-lol?! I plan to hire a lawyer & fight tooth & claw til I get it. The irony is that my pain level had gone down considerably for about 1 whole week now & that is the longest that it has ever abated for since it started. Am hoping the stress from this will not put me in a tail spin, but then again, maybe I would have more medical documentation to support me if I did. Danged if I do/danged if I don't, huh?
    By the way, what state are you in? I am in AZ.
  7. compassionatejoe

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    hi, getting mad won't help you, unless you use this for energy and decide to take this bull by the horns. very few people get it on just an application. and if you are applying for fibro, it can be even tougher. but the good part, is that it can be done, you need to educate yourself and get a good lawyer, and i dont have a reference for you, but wanted to let you know, educating yourself against a system that isnt what one thinks as fair. feel free to write me, i'll respond and best of luck. Certainly pursue the appeal!!!!!!
  8. Mikie

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    Most people get denied multiple times before getting SSD. Find out the atty's win ratio. Attorneys who do nothing win 50 percent of the time. Find one who wins almost all his or her cases. An atty. like this will only represent you if he or she feels the case is winable.

    A good atty. will probably want you to see a specific doc who is good at SSD paperwork. Do this even if you have to pay out of pocket. It will help you to feel better and help win your case. Good luck. BTW, people who take narcotic medication and people who are depressed win more of the time.

    Love, Mikie
  9. jeanderek

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    I was actually expecting this to happen because it was my first application. I am taking narcodics Oxycontin 10mg twice a day and i have depression as well and the doctor that I am seeing for depression submitted all of my information for to them. But i knew that at least 60percent get turned down on first try. I am going to persure this to the very end I promise you that. thanks for all of your great advice and I will keep you posted on what happens.
    best wishes,
  10. rock961

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    After 21/2 yrs, I finally was just awarded SSI. It took forever just to get my appeal in front of a judge . Before going in to his court room my lawyer told me I had the worst judge I could have possibly drawn. He said I could pretty much forget about winning at that stage. And he was right. Needless to say I was turned down by him and lawyer appealed at next level. Fortunately, my judge made so many mistakes it was remainded back to him. And I thank the good lord he was forced into early retirement and I was lucky enough to go in front of an unbiased, great judge who looked at my medical facts and within minutes made his decision in my favor.

    Anyway, the `point is don't give up. Thats what they are hoping for. It may take time and it is very frustrating,but, if your medical records can verify your claim and you have a half decent lawyer (one that does just SSI)you will eventually win. I had to do alot of running around the day before my second appearence in front of judge, collecting drs reports that my lawyers never recieved. So a word of advise double check, make sure lawyer has all records, test results down to drs notes. Many of the copies I had to pay for which stinks when your broke already from not being able to work. My lawyer also stated the importance of having mental health records. My nuerologist had been giving me rxs for anxiety and depression but I ended up going to local mental health agency so my conditions were better documented. I also had to pay one dr. $200.00 to fill out a two page report stating my inability to sit, stand, climb or lift more then a certain amount. It didn't seem fair that I had to pay for that, but, I looked at it as an investmen in my future.

    I had only found this site the eve before my hearing. I wish I had found it sooner, there are alot of good articles about disability to read if you haven't already found them.
    Good Luck and don't give up.