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    Hi everyone motherjo here again from last week.I just got back from the ssd physiatrist. it took ony 20 mins. how about that.I dont know how it went I think okay but who knows.just keeping youll up todate motherjo
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    We are all pulling for you.
  3. evileva

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    The Soc.Sec. called me on a Wed. and wanted me to see one of their doctors on that Friday. They didn't tell me what kind of doctor it was. Well when I showed up that Fri. it turned out to be a psychologist! I talked to him for about half an hour and then had to take about 3 hours of tests! I was pooped by the time I got done. I don't know how I did either. I guess that time will tell.
  4. painin

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    I have my appointment next wednesday with a psychologist. Was wondering what to expect. 3 hours??? Oh i hope not!! Will take a month to get over that!! I will probaly fall asleep on him!! LOL
  5. JannyW

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    Sounds like your "psych" exam was extreme ... mine took about 30 minutes & it was just a series of questions -- the usual general psych questions. I expect to have to see another doc at some point before my hearing.

    Jan ^v^

  6. teach6

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    Your psych exam sounds like the independent one I had and paid for myself. It was very thorough and I had trouble finishing so he resumed it another day. All that went into his notes, which were in my favor. I hope yours will turn out that way also.

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    What to expect? Mine lasted around 30 minutes. She asked me questions that were similar to the ones I answered on my "daily living activities" report I filled out for them, like who does the cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc. She asked me is I thought I was depressed. She gave me 4 words to remember when she first started. At the end of the exam, I was asked to repeat them. I could remember them, but acted like I could only remember 2 of them! She asked me to count BACKWARDS from 100 in increments of 3 until I got to 0. She asked if I really wanted to work, how long I did work, what kind of work, etc. There were not any questions to be afraid of. She asked me to tell her WHY I thought that I was too "disabled" to work. She was a real nitwit herself! She filled out a lot of papers, took notes, etc., then when she was done, she put them all in a folder, in her briefcase, and then dropped the entire briefcase on the floor with all of her papers spilling out. I left wondering if all of her notes on me were intermingled with other patients', etc. Anyway, I must have done OK, because I received my SS award on the first try (without a lawyer). Just be yourself, tell her what she wants to hear, lay it on thick about how you can't remember anything, have to ask for instructions more than once because you can't remember, are too sleepy to stay awake all day because you can't sleep at night due to all of your pain and the affects of the meds you take, you know you're depressed--ask her if she wouldn't be, too, if she were in pain all day, every day, and so fatigued that she would never want to get out of a chair, etc. Take someone with you and make them drive, so you can tell her you don't drive much yourself anyone because of the fibro fog (this is a true statement in my case--my daughter drives me everywhere because I am not mentally alert enough to be behind the wheel.) Hope this info helped on what to expect. Good luck on your exam and let us know how you did!
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    Is it standard that ssdi orders a phych exam for claimants
    that are disabled do to physical ailments and not mental?
    I filed in oct and went to there otho dr. 3 weeks ago.
    Should I expect a mental exam also.I am depressed and am pondering counciling for depression.....tks......
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