SSD election year? something is working.

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  1. kking0412

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    after 7 months post hearing I got my approval letter the 26th of last month. heard nothing all month, called local SS office yesterday. they said the lump sum ~ let me repeat this ~ THE LUMP SUM ~ had been released. it's in the bank today( It's so pretty!) I STILL have no written communication; my monthly check should start next month she says and they are deducting Medicare from it (have yet to hear from them either)

    several people have wondered if he fact that this is an election year might spur things on? and also, all this happened within a month after contacting Sen McCaskill's office. coincidence? I REALLY doubt it.
  2. pattyholland

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    Im so happy for you, Do you remember what the judges name was that you had?

    Sorry you had to wait so long I know how hard it is.

    Even tho it doesnt help with the pain and all the other fibor crap we have, it sure has to help with the stress.

    Glad to hear

  3. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    it's burned into my retina! this is the one that futzed around for 7 months post hearing, went on vacation, THEN went on leave, THEN extended her leave! Judge Gunn. Jackson COunty MO.

    stress relief, OH yes. my husband says I am so much easier and more fun to be around now =)
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