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    I finally got a hearing date for SSD. I am kind of freaking out about it though. I am afraid that I do not have enough medical evidence to support my case. I have had to switch doctors twice since I filed. Once because my PCP retired and the second time because the PCP said that if I just admitted I was gay, the FMS would go away. I have a new PCP who is good now, but I have not seen her for all that long so I am afraid they will listen to the bad doctor rather than the good one. I have FMS, CFS, IBS, slight hearing loss, asthma, anxiety, depression and tend to have problems with sensory overload.

    I would appreciate any thought on what I can do to make my case better or even just some positive thoughts. I am single so I do not know what I will do if they deny my claim at this level. Thanks for listening.
  2. obrnlc

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    hi shywolf4!
    Sorry you, or anyone else had to put up with such a bizarre, poor excuse for a doctor as the second pcp, i sure hope you reported him to someone (don't know who--but someone!)

    Since you haven't updated records recently, and you had better get on the ball with that now, is there any way that you can just leave the second doc. out of the picture and no one will ever have to see his notes??(although i think any judge, jury, lawyer, etc. would just think he was a nutcase also, he certainly wouldn't help your case)
    Do you have a lawyer? I know when i got the "official summons" it was for just 20 days later, i was just getting a new attorney, and SSA didn't have copies of any of my records for the past 10 months.
    It would probably help to GET A LAWYER NOW, if you don't have one already.

    Remember--the SSA doesn't give a rats behind WHAT you have, only HOW it limits your abilities to work 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. If you have a need for more frequent rest breaks than a standard job, if you have concentration issues, if you have DEPENDABILITY issues (never know when you wil be able to show up and how long you can stay00we all have that!), etc.

    If they can get a vocat. expert to testify that you can be a button counter or something, you could lose, so make sure all of your limitations are WELL DOCUMENTED and if you don't have records in order or don't have a lawyer, formally request, in writing, with your reason and they might grant you an extension, esp. with no attorn.

    Do you have a psychologist/psychiatrist? if they have good records, they will be VERY important, so make sure you have all info before you go in. Most judges will allow new evidence to be presented 1/2 hour prior to hearing, but i really don't think they appreciate it, i think that this issue is going to hold up my decision.

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    my hearing is coming soon also if you have a laywer get a paper from them to say your limits i didnt like what my one dr said she didnt go into detail at all so i asked the laywer for a paper i took it to the dr yesterday i also make a copy for myself and filled out what i thought i could do to help guide her the paper says things like how long can you sit or stand if you can use repetition with your hands it is multiple choice good luck charlene
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    I agree with obrnic, the SS dept. does not evaluate you on your sexual orientation.

    Your hearing? Is this the first scheduled phone hearing or a hearing before a judge?

    You do not have to list the PCP with the warped attitude; at least I would not because it will not help your case. You only want to list what will be favorable to your case.

    If this is the first scheduled phone hearing, just have everything at hand they ask you to in the packet you should have received. Also, a tablet dedicated to SS only and make sure you write down your answers to the questions your ask. I had someone with me who wrote down everything I said and everything they ask because I had the SS on speakerphone. That way I could just concentrate on answering questions. The first scheduled phone hearing is all I know about so far. They have sent me to their psychologist. And I had to fill out appox. 30 pages of questions and they have received all reports from all of my doctors, therapists, neurologists, etc. I was told yesterday that I would hear something the 1st of April.

    Hope that helps you some. I have no idea about a hearing before a judge, at least not yet!!!

    Good luck,
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    I too had 3 different Rheumys over a 2 yr period. I started with my PCP when the intense chronic pain started. He sent me to an orthopedic dr who did lots of xrays and was the first to say it was fibro. Then I was sent to the 1st rheumy who was a nut and I only saw him one time but he also said it was fibro.

    I then went through physical therapy and the therapist also documented that it was fibro. I started with the next rheumy who also treated me for fibro. I was sent to a neurologist for nerve testing and he documented that it was fibro. I had to leave work and take pension disability from my job that I loved. All of my sick days I had taken while trying to work was documentation.

    I started water therapy as well as the physical therapy and we had those reports. My 2nd rheumy moved out of state and I had to start over with another one(that I still have). In the meantime, I kept everything in a huge red folder with everyones name and phone # on the outside so that I could grab it and call any of them as needed.

    I had an advocate from my old job to do all of my paper work so that was a blessing. She was wonderful and I never had to speak to anyone at SSDI while we were filing. I would never try to go it alone, EVER!! SS sent me to their dr and their psycyitryist and both of them told me if I was turned down to immediatly try again.

    I started seeing a psycologist who not only saved my life but also documented the depression I have.

    All of the pieces were there and it went to the judge and he gave me a favorable decision in Nov 2006. It took 2 yrs before I was approved. I hope this helped or might help someone else who is filing. Some have gotten it on their own but why havent you been sent for all kinds of tests,xrays,bloodwork etc. They have to rule out everything else first. Why arent you seeing a specialist too? I think I got mine with the depression and I dont know if that would have happened without seeing the therapists. Best of luck

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    bumping for SSD hearing
  7. GRMonLI

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    I was diagnosed with this disease!

    One has nothing to with the other.
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    What a quack you are going to. I am not surprised though, when I went to my company doctor and complained about all the bumps on my body and I felt the chemical exposure I worked in was the culprit, he simply asked, "How is your relationship with your father or your mother?" Ofcourse, he is being paid in full to be the BULLY for the company. Here is my suggestion, call the Medical liscensing board in your state and file a charge against him or her. You first of all will feel better and they will be slapped on the hand. Maybe, they won't do that again to another patient.
    Hey, these people take OATHS, and they should be held accountable to those OATHS< this is an ethical problem that is becoming systemic in our society. If no one does anything
    to them they will continue to behave unethically.

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