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    I know there are many previous posts and I have read many.

    I normally can't sleep but this week has been particularly bad because worrying about Thurs.

    Do I need to take anything, notes, dates, or do I just answer questions.\?

    Sometimes questions are difficult if timeline needed(due to Fogginess)

    It's helped just to share my concerns and I hope that I can get through this(feel like I could have PANIC ATTACK)

    Thanks for listening and would appreciate any WORDS of WISDOM.
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    This is what happened.Sorry ahead of time for any spelling eras LOL> I walked in with my hubby and attorney.The judge first asked if there were any witnesses my attorney told her no my DH was just there for moral support.

    We held up our right hands and you know.The judge asked me if I had worked at all since Nov. 4th 2003.I told her no.
    She than asked .Why do you feel you can not work.I told her that I could no longer do what I used to.I said I was at work at 5am and left at 5pm every day.I started to cry I hated that part .I told her I wanted my life back.She asked me if I still could not pick up my grand kids.I cant told her and cry again I had put that down when I first filed.I told her I had just gotten a promotion and a pay increase of 15,000.00 And would I give that up for 698.00 a month. And that my DH retied because of my promotion and when my heath went bad he had to get a full time job. She wrote all that down.

    I had a letter from my former manager on how I worked and that not being able to work was totally out of character for me.My boss also said that I had tried to go back many times but could not due to pain.

    She also had a letter from one of my hubby's friends.Who told her that I had gone to a party and could not go up the stairs by myself.He had always seen me at home sick but that was the first time he had seen how the FM had taken its tole on me.

    Those 2 Letters were put in my record .They carried alot of weight on her dission.
    They also had a doctor there to testify for SS .Well he did and the judge asked if he supported my doctors findings of FM .He said yes he could not see how I could work with chronic pain.

    I had a report from my GP she stated that I could not work.I had one from my shrink who also wrote that I should apply for disability and he felt that I was disabled.Also my neurologists said I had FM and could not work.

    The doctor stated that I had excellent records and that I continue to see my doctors.Oh and I also had reports from 3 rhumys They all stated that I had all 11 trigger points.

    The judge granted me disability but I must continue to see my shrink and I will have a revue in 2 yrs due to my age,I'm 52 so she then stated that there might be some new advances in treat ment for FM.

    HER judgment on my case was FIbromyalgia.

    I also had one of the toughest judges in Rhode Island.

    Well I hope this helps someone.I'm glad its over.The pain is still here but a little stress is gone.

    I will and so will my doctors continue to find something that will help me.

    If I do get well I will go back to work .

    Thank you all this board has been a life saver for me and my Dear husband.


    Ps My attorny told me not to bring any notes or diary.

    Good Luck Ill keep you in my prayers.HOpe all goes well for you

  3. zerped

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    I've got a separate post about my hearing debacle. I couldn't find a lawyer to take my case, so I showed up alone. I now believe it's ALWAYS better to have someone, ANYONE there with you than to be alone before the judge. If you have someone with you, you can say that they are there for support, or you can refer to them as an advocate. Be sure you mention that they are there because you want to understand everything happening, and that you sometimes need to have things explained more than once as part of the "brain fog" of your disease. You have a reliable witness and the fact that they are there is another bit of evidence that you are impaired.
    Good luck!

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