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    Has anyone in Mississippi applied for social security disability and won?? Can you give me some insight into it? I have just applied about a month ago and am wondering how long it takes, how hard it is to get approved and so forth, in Mississippi. Any help here is appreciated.
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    I'm in Louisiana, and can't help, but wanted to give you another 'bump', the boards are slow on weekends/holidays, so feel free to keep your post bumped up for Tuesday.

    I know we have members here from Mississippi!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am from Pascagoula Miss but live in Texas now......just want to wish you good luck. Come on the chat rooms ... you will find great help and support.

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    I am still looking for anyone in Mississippi that has applied for disability and won. Can you give me some insight into it? I applied in July and am wanting to know how long it takes, how hard it is to get approved, did you have to see their doctors, did you use a lawyer, how many times did you have to re-apply and so forth. Please give me some advice. Thanks, Jan
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    I live in Miss and have applied for disabilty.Ihave to gobefore the judge this month.It took me 29 months toget here.But every case is different.I do have a lawyer that hasreally helped.I was turned down twice,but alot of times they say that is the way it is.Ihope this helps i was like you i didnt know anything about how this works.Just keep on and appeal until you get approved.Hope you the best.
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    Tommiel, Thanks for your info. It really gives me some idea how long it might take. I don't have a lawyer yet, but hope to get one after my first denial. I have gotten to where I can't think straight filling out the papers, trying to keep things straight with my doctors and anything else I try to do. I don't know if I am just having a bad flare up or if I am going to stay this way or if it is just all the craziness involved that is going on right now. Anyway, let me know how it goes for you and thanks again. Jan
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    Hi jan5473,

    I won but it took me 3 years , tons of paperwork and a great lawyer. Don't give up! There were times I wanted to just throw in the towel but I knew I was sick enough to deserve benefits and I just kept plugging along. My lawyer did all of the paperwork so I can't help with that information. I had to go before the judge before being granted benefits. My husband and I were questioned one at a time. I was informed by mail of his decision.

    Good Luck!
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    I got a phone call today from Social security and she was very nice. She was asking me if I had seen the Psychiatrist my Rheumatoid doctor refferred me too yet. After trying to explain what all was going on and that I was going to change Rheumatoid doctors, she said I might have to see what one of their doctors for evaluation. So I don't know what that means. I have seen a psychologist, but couldn't get in to see the Psychiatrist for 2 months. It is such a hassle just trying to see a doctor. Anyway, I at least know they are working on my claim. Jan