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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by waxdiva, Nov 9, 2006.

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    I found this great site while looking for SSD information.

    It is written by a doctor who used to determine claims for SS:

    Also, this is the form that MH professionals have to complete:

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    Also, check out this site:
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    Thanks for the info!

  4. waxdiva

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    I just hope others will use the info at these sites.
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    Thanks for the information. Any information regarding SSD is greatly appreciated.
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    thanks for the web site! My roommate & I both have FM. Fortunately, I can still work and have what seems to be a minor form of this disease. My roommate Lindy, however, has just been diagnosed with FM and CFS and has Crohns disease also. She is having a heck of a time working full time and is also 58 years old. I told her to start thinking about disability. Is this really the big nightmare I've heard it is? Do you think she has a chance? Should she contact a lawyer? Just wonderd because this is all so new to both of us and we dont really know where to start.......
    any help you can give would be appreciated. You guys have helped me so much in the past I have come to depend on you all! :)
    Amy, Denver, CO
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    I'm still checking out these sites myself and still finding great info on both. has a message board (really don't know if has one) that is really full of info and you might want to check that out as there may be an answer to your question there.

    I am continuing to search for other sites that are good resources like these; I'll post them when I find them. My criteria for a good site is that they have no connection to law firms as the bottom line re those sites is for you to use them for your case.
  8. suzetal

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    As far as collecting Yes it takes time.Some get approved right away others take years.

    As for your room mate she must be or expected to be off work at least one full year.Also great doctors records are a must.

    Took me 2 years went before the ALJ and got a bench approval.Most law firms will only take the case after you have been denied.

  9. 1975jet

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