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  1. DVoit

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    So, I file for SSD and was turned down first time. Then, I filed for the appeal. I received a request today for more information needed. My daughter, whom I live with, had written a letter about me and I included that in with my appeal forms. She also received a request for more information. Now my questions are: 1. Is that incouraging or just routine in your opinion? 2. Should I put the same thing in this as I did in my appeal? The question are about the same like, how do I function with daily activities, etc.

    I would like your imput on this and would really appreciate it.

    Again, I have FM (which is VERY bad) and depression (pretty bad to very bad). They are the main things I am filing for. I also have diabetes (which is in control) and high blood pressure and migrains,etc. Thanks for any thing you can tell me.
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  2. Sue50

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    I wouldn't put the same thing as I did on the appeal. Try and be more specific, very detailed, the more you tell them about your pain and what you can not do because of Fibro and depression the better chance you will have.
  3. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    for more input
  4. puppyfreak

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    What they want to know is EXACTLY how you do or don't function - it doesn't matter what diseases you have but how they affect you.
    So start with getting up in the morning. How difficult is it, do you need to take meds and then wait for them to work before you can get going? Are you still tired because you haven't slept well?
    Then discuss your activities - how long you're able to sit, stand, walk, etc. during any activity. Such as - you can only sit at the computer for 15 minutes because you start having muscle spasms in your back?
    And can you only walk a half a block because your legs won't hold you up [or you get dizzy or whatever].
    And do you have to nap for 3 hours just so you'll have the enrgy to fix dinner?
    That's the kind of stuff they want to know and be as specific as you can.
    Hope this helps!

  5. ruby711

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    You might want to consider getting a disability lawyer. They really can be very helpful and will fill out all the forms for you. There is info on this site about the disab. lawyers. You might try calling one of them to get the info you need.
  6. DVoit

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    I really appreciate all the input. As you know, this is a very trying time.

  7. lovethesun

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    I got mine 1st try.Here's a hint.Carry paper in your pocket for a day or 2.When you have a hard time doing anything.write it in detail.If you can't get up to eat breakfast-add that.It will help
  8. Carol66

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    Do you have Fibro and did you have assistance with what to put in your paperwork? I am getting ready to apply 1st time and I am concerned I will write the things they are looking for. Thank you so much for any help!
  9. Carol66

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    I was thinking about your case, I hope things went well!
  10. Catseye

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    When you answer questions, be very specific about why you can't do something, don't just say you can't do it. For example:

    I can't drive because I'm too weak to hold the brake pedal down and I can't hold up my arms to grab the steering wheel. I can't take a shower because I can't stand up long enough to wash and I am too weak to raise my arms to wash. I can't bathe myself because I can't sit up in the tub and I can't hold up my arms to wash. Make sure when you say what you can't do, you also say EXACTLY why you can't do it.

    Fibro is supposed to be difficult to file for by itself. There are some really good tips at, they even have a section about fibro. I filed for cfs caused by hep c. I won with a hearing after being turned down 3 times. I consider that normal for our diseases or every dumb, lazy piece of trash in the US would be claiming these "vague" illnesses. I think they just do that (deny everyone 3 times) to weed out the less persistent people who may be lying. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any money left for the really disabled people like us.

    good luck!


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