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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by waxdiva, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. waxdiva

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    Applied for SSD last month, and last week received two lengthy questionnaires to complete and send back to SSD (within 7 days!). One is regarding employment for the past 15 years and the other is regarding daily activities; they are both very, very detailed. At the SSD office, I was told that everything was done and it would take approximately 4 months before I hear about a decision.

    I started to answer some of the questions yesterday but stopped as I was feeling overwhelmed. Now just looking at them gives me the same feeling.

    Just wondering...

    Has anyone else received these questionnaires after applying? And, does anyone know what happens after this?

  2. Sheila01

    Sheila01 New Member

    i remember filling them out about 3 or 4 years ago, no way did i finish it in one day. Maybe if you think you cant get it all done, ask someone to fill it out for you as you tell them what to put in. Does it say anywhere at the end of the form to say that some one else filled it out for you? Just take it one step at a time. Only focus on the first item, then the second item, and so on. IF you cannot get it completed in 7 days, call the social security and ask for an extention.
  3. sh2angel

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    I had to fill them out too...I just won my case it took don't get took me 2 years to win and I had to go to court...I always thought it was funny that they can take forever to fill out paper work and send you an answer but us the sick ones have to have it done in a week...pretty lame if ya ask me....Just don't give up...and answer to the best of your don't have to write a book...Good Luck to you and I sure hope you win...right up front...Shirley
  4. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    But do two things when writing those out.

    1) decide what you are going to say before you say it. figure out the best way to write it before putting it on their form.

    2) keep a copy of your final form before you mail it. sometimes they send another similar set of forms to fill out later in the process. They did this to me.

    It took me several days to write out the forms. Use all of the time if necessary and make sure you take it to the post office to get it date stamped if you use all 7 days. Be prepared to have to fill out more forms along the way and see a couple of their Drs.

    The whole process is meant to make you want to give up. It is not uncommon for people to get denied (the denial letters will get your blood boiling) before finally getting approved. What you write in your answers, your documented medical history and how your symptoms effect your every day life are the keys to successfully winning. Each case is different but I eventually won at the ALJ hearing. don't give up!

  5. llama

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    Well, you've all ready gotten some excellent advice, so I'm such reaffirming all that's been said.

    I'm at the stage of waiting to hear when my court date before the ALJ is. I don't want to jinx myself, but I could still be waiting almost another year, who knows?

    Justlooking, is right about maybe making a rough draft of what you want to say first. If possible give examples of limitations and use percentages and time frames (they like concrete data). Example might be "can only stand 10 minutes before severe back spasms begin" or "can only do 25% of household cleaning...etc." And be sure you do make copies of what you reported.

    I believe later in the process, they like to send you similar forms to fill out just to see if you are being consistent in your claim. Actually, when I received my second set of forms, I was in a bad flare so I increased my level of "disability".

    Also had to see two of their docs. A GP and a Psychologist, who administered about 5 hours of cognitive testing (they said, because I had reported cognitive decline...which I do have).

    Well, wishing you all the luck in the world in this tedious journey. This is a great place for answers and to vent!!..............Jill............

  6. johnston

    johnston New Member

    forms out online. BUT after an exhaustive time of filling it all out, I lost it and couldn't get it back!!!! I didn't go back to it for a very long time, and even then I did by hand.

    You can schedule a telephone interview with SS.

    My best friend said that was a wiz.

    I have just gotten my first denial which brings me to this.
    Fill out as best you can, but jsut get it in. Everyone, basically, gets a denial the first time! Sooner, you get it in, soooner you get that first denial---then you have 60days to place an appeal.

    The main thing to be concerned about is how your mds are documenting. They are so crucial to your case. Problem is they don't document the way we need for disability.

    Look in my profile and click on OOPS--in there is some goood info on how you need the md to document.

    Hope all this helps, Rhonda
  7. day2day

    day2day Member

    It cost me about 12,000.00 Dollars because I lost a letter from them, and they lost my records. Keep a file of everything they send you even after you are approved!! You will be re-reviewed in a few years.

    Those long forms you received are normal, I too was overwhelmed. I called the person whos name was on the letter and told her I could not fill it in the time frame stated. She asked why, I told her that was part of my disablility. She asked how much time I would need, I told her about 2 extra weeks and she gave me a new deadling. I took down her name , date, time, and what we dicussed and popped it in my file, and sent a copy with my forms I sent in attached.

    After you fill those forms out you will probably be asked to take a vocation exam and a phsycological exam. Also don't be surprised to be denied, file your appeal asap. and then be prepared to lose again. It would be in your best interest to inquire now for some good ssd lawyers who handle and have won cfs/fibro cases. Don't be afraid to ask the lawyers how many cfs/fibro cases they have had and how many they have won.

    Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who does not get denied, but be prepared to be denied the first time out.

    hope this all helps day2day.........and gl to you.
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  8. lin21

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    I remember it very well . Don't forget to make copies for your files. I still kept mine and that was (4 years ago) don' believe how fast the time went by but then again the first to years I was in a fog.
    You are probably going to get a hearing (?) Just be prepared because as others told me "it is a very long process".
    Good luck
  9. waxdiva

    waxdiva New Member

    to everyone who has replied. You all gave such good advice.

    I will definitely copy everything.

    I tried again yesterday (Saturday) to start answering the questions, and, again, found it confusing and overwhelming. "If at first you don't succeed"...I'll give it another go today.

    Thanks so much,

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