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    Hi, had my hear in front of the judge on july 10th and he said I would get my answer within 60 days.

    Was wonder why they take so long?

    They know how much you need the money so you would think that it wouldnt take the whole 60 days.

    My lawyer said after it was over that it went pretty good.
    Not for me it didnt I cired the whole time and didnt get to say all that I wanted to.

    So evey day I wait for the only get yet another let down.....How long did it take you to get the letter in the Mail?

  2. pattyholland

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    Hi, I wish that would be true, but first of all I dont remember giving my bank info, that doesnt mean that I didnt.

    Second of all I have changed banks within the two years I started filing for ssd.

    Wonder what happens then?

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    It took six weeks before I got my letter.....I had switched banks..they had to issue another check (but that was their fault cause I had submitted the new info) it was another 3 weeks before I got my check...Wishing you the best....looks like any time now....Actually, I would contact them to make sure they have the right account info..
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    I guess I could call my lawyer and give her the new bank info.

    Just wondering how long the judge told you it would take?

    Did you get a good back pay?

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