SSD Medical Review Issued 'Favorable' decision on 2/23..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LollieBoo, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    Now what? I was told that they could overturn that decision at the review office in Chicago. Does that happen? I'm almost more nervous than when I knew nothing at all...

    I know there's a lot happening on the board right now, but if anyone has any insight I would appreciate it!

  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    I am still so nervous... I don't have anything difinitive yet, as far as what they based their decision on, but I don know that they decided based on my medical evidence alone- what was provided by my doctors- I was not asked to submit to an examination by ssa docs.

    I applied in November of last year (2005), and the lady from my field office sounded surprised that a decision had been reached so quickly. Maybe that's why the nerves.

    I appreciate the support!
  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I know that for me,besides the help with money,it allowed me to proceed with my life.
  4. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    I actually went to work. My dh had to drive me and I spent the afternoon locked in my office, crying and having a panic attack. The amount I make is less, because my work habits began paying a toll in 2001. I began truly being unable to hold a job then, but stubbornly refused to quit trying, b/c I am only 30 (!!).

    Should I appeal to see if they might go back further based on my work history? I have records of written documentation regarding my health issues interfering with work. I had to quit three jobs because of my health...

    Should I just tak what I get and count my blessings? (I am!) Or should I appeal and try to get what I feel my family is entitled to?

    I appreciate your input!
  5. 69mach1

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    i had the same exact theing happen to me...yes i was 40 at the time..i am 41 now...

    they approved on 9/15/05...then they said my case was selected fro a random review...i freaked like you....then i was told don't worry they usually never change the decisions...

    so think positive...and in about 2-4 weeks they will have an answer confirming what they just told you....

    if you need money in the meantime you can go to your local office and tell them you can afford to pay for your rent..or have ahardship such as vechile to go ot dr or take kids to school or maybe pay for your meds...

    they can write you a check upt to 999.00 right on the spot...
    ;you may need to wait for the final final approval..not sure...

    make sure you go down and fill out paperwork in regards to your you can set up accounts for their ssdi payments...they basically want to make sure you know what is required from you....for them...
    so don't be will get it...

  6. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    My kids seriously get less than $10 per month each!
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i know they only get maybe 10$...they have a reason ot only give thema certain amount...someone asked this question why before...

    ilooked it up on by it has something about the federal poverty levle...and depending what your award amount is....i am not aksing..n.o.b.

    but as far as going back to the date you last worked? i think t hey will only go back one year before your actual claim date...

    and i would look that up to confirm on
  8. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    What date did you put in as last day you worked.......You put that date in and thats how far they will go back......Sometimes they don't even go that far .It all depends on your judge..........There not all alike.......SSD is federal and the laws are the same no matter what state you live in.............But the judges are not the same.................One may approve for FM.....and the other may not and this is in the same state...............As far is filing an appeal I would not........Like I said when you filed you put a date down ...........If you try to change that date now I think you would purger yourself.

  9. chickabee

    chickabee New Member

    Some Judges go back just a year and some will go back more. They try to review cases every two years to see if there are any changes in your situation. Like, is it worse? better? They send you a questionairre when this is done.

    I have not heard of anybody being turned down when case is in review. Don't think you have anything to worry about.

    Think positively,...and smile :)
  10. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    hoping they'd go back a little further, but then the lady taking my claim said she would assess the date of disability as March 2001, when major problems began and interfered with work...

    I guess it is all God's will being done. Still, a little bonus would be nice!