SSD payments only 1000 a month, are there other programs

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  1. maryann1958

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    I was just approved for SSD. Since I will be below poverty level with my SSD payments of $1000 a month and I have more than $2000 in savings, most likely I won`t be eligible for SSI or welfare. I am single but own a moderate house. Would any of you know of any other benefits or grants I could apply for to help get me over the poverty level? Who can live on $12,000.
  2. Tigger57

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    We seem like we both in the same toilet and being flushed away.

    I'll be making about the say as you for SSDI. I so very confused that I asked my brother to go with me to the Social Services tomorrow so that it doesn't get scrambled and more than it is already.

    I have a small cottage and it's just right for the "kids" (fuzzy ones).

    I was told that you can earn up to $800... I don't know if that is true or not. I'm scared to death. My mortgage I will beable to do, I just may never do anything again in the future. Or I'll crochet some afghans

    I'll keep you posted from this pad, and if you fingers talk nicely... maybe will have just.

    I am sorry for all you are going through. It's just not easy at all.

    What are you dealing with... mortgage, cars, etc? I guess I'm begining to real live pictures.
  3. maryann1958

    maryann1958 New Member

    My lawyer said you cannot make more than $620 a month. Let me know how you make out tommorrow on finding out about other programs? I am emailing lots of places trying to find out info too, if I find out about anything that will help us. I will let you know. I don`t have a mortgage but won`t be able to keep this house with the high propety taxes in this state. Hope we get some help somewhere.
  4. jipsieyes

    jipsieyes New Member

    Maryann... As a single, I'll be receiving about $760 as month... with my son, currently, I'm able to receive an additional SSI amount (up to 50% of MY SSDI benefit). I definitely feel your pain. My worry, however, is how I'm going to make it on $760 a month when my son turns of age, in the next couple years... See, I live in a rather ... umm... not-so-new? ... 110 year old house, needs a ton of work that I"m responsible for, and we're in a small town (just 20 miles away, in a bigger city, this same old house would run me about $900-1100 a month!)... and my outlay is currently over $500 a month. Now, electricity, gas, basic telephone (and maybe basic cable), water, and trash pickup? MAYBE I'll be able to pay $30 to EACH with what's left over (think they'll work with me on that?)?
    I am wholly unable to work, and, currently, unable to even drive a car, as the sleep deprivation has caused me blackout-type seizures (I'll go "out" every hour or so, anywhere from five minutes to half an hour! NOTHING, not even a "good' night's sleep of 5 or more hours, hes helped, and I'm now told it looks like I can add Narcolepsy to my woes...
    Are you single with no children? Married? If you're single, with no children at home, no spouse, no other income coming in, your avenues for assistance are limited, but there should be agencies in town that can help you with utilities once or twice ayear, some groceries once a month...
    You are correct: Public Aid won't help you at all if you're making over around $500 a month, and sounds like your SSDI amount renders you ineligible for SSI, as well. There really are no other benefits or grants available to get any one "over the poverty level"; if there were, there'd be a lot less poverty in the US.
    If you own your home, and it is paid off completely, or, I believe, over half paid off, you CAN (and are probably expected to) apply for a "reverse mortgage", but that's a cruel last resort for someone who's worked hard most of their life, to be expected to gradually give up the home you worked hard to own. I'm not positive, but it basically reverses a mortgage to you in the form of monthly checks until what you have paid into it OR it's value is exhausted. I'm not sure if they make you move out when it's done, or if they simply stop sending you checks and just allow you to live in it until death (at which it goes to the BANK handling the reverse mortgage).
    Sorry if this sounds like a dismal picture, but trying to live on SSDI/SSI IS dismal.
    And I wish every well-meaning (and the not-so-well-meaning) person who accuses us of trying to "live off the system" instead of going to work knew this, that NO ONE would willingly choose such an existence and struggle because it's hell. I wouldn't wish this on ANYBODY...
    Good luck, and you must keep a positive attitude and remind yourself that there are single disabled citizens out there who are NOT being approved for SSDI or SSI benefits at all, and must depend entirely on charity and/or welfare (neither of which come even close to what your SSDI benefits are).

    To sum it up: WE'RE the "lucky" ones!

  5. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

    Boy, this really hits home. I am my hearing with an ALJ in a month. I agree, even if I win living is going to be next to impossible. You should I think be eligible for Medicaid in combination with the Medicare that Social Security gives you.

    It is hard to find, but there is also special housing. Like I found in the Tampa Florida area, and believe me I am not encouraging anyone to move here there are one bedrooms in two year old apartment complexes where income guidelines apply. A one bedroom, is $550 and a two is something like $660 per month and that includes water, sewage, and trash.

    If you can try to get the house and saving account of of your name and into someone's you can trust 100%. Than they can not count it as an assett. It may open other programs for you. You really have to try to play the painful game with SSA and their pitiful payments below poverty. It might even be worth it to pay the money and find a really good and trustworthy financial person to see how to best hide your assets and become eligable for anything you can. You also can always go down to any country intake office and ask them generalized questions and they should be able to give you some answers of programs you would be eligable for. Don't be shy about hypothetical questions either, this is your life and you need to live. Best of luck to you!
  6. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    In most cities, there is an agency called the housing authority. Sometimes the wait is really long. I would call today and see if you can get an application for housing. It is a government subsidized agency that pays for your housing and sometimes utilities. Getting a room mate also might be another option to help share the costs.

    Just a thought.

    Best to you.
  7. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    .. in the same boat when I got my SSD.. I think the way they work it is they give you what's equivalent to the minimum wage. I had roommates for a long time and finally got into government subsidized housing. But for a long time I was stressed about how I was going to live. I made it, but just barely. The housing has helped alot and I'm not so spooked any more....
  8. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    I recieve ssd and ssi, plus i get welfare for my granddaughter that i am raising. but i am still at poverty level. we do recieve a small amount of food stamps,which helps. but by the time i pay my utilities there is no extra. just getting a pair of shoes is hard. I don't have a house payment which i am greatful for. my house is paid off. but it needs alot of work. had a small fire in one of the bedrooms and can't afford the repairs. so i know how you feel it is difficult to make ends meet. and very hard to explain to a 12yr old that i don't have any money to do extras. But she has her papa and he takes places and buys her what she needs. I wish i knew if there was any more help like grants to do the repairs i need. also behind on property taxes. oh well i try not to worry. but at times it does get overwhelming. Hang in there things can only get better. My best wishes to you. becca
  9. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    One program states have is to pay the medicare premium which is about $93.00 a month now. One would check with their Social Services to qualify.
  10. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    The programs available vary state to state and even county to county. There are more services available in more metropolitan areas.

    SSD is a federal program and the amount is based on how much you paid in when you were working.

    Some counties have an ADA coordinator that might be aware of services.

    Or a state gov. website such as

    A social service worker at a hosptial, state agency or even home healthcare might be able to give you advice.

    There are also programs funded by the state and awarded to state agencies. For example in TN, one for our area is UCHRA, they administer heating assistance programs and food supplement programs. We also have Upper Cumberland Development District and they have various programs such as funds to build ramps and things for the aged or any disabled person.

    The social security administration will be able to tell you how much you can earn and still receive you SSD.

    years ago, my mother drew social security and she also had a job with the school system. For every $1 she made over the limit she had to pay $2 back they reduced her SS check until it was paid back. The system penalized her for working.

    I know this has most likely changed but it's an example of how important it is to make sure you know the guidelines.

    Also about the Housing Authority. Besides the income based apartments, around here there are HUD loans. If you meet income guidelines and If the house meets certain guidelines they will pay the rent or mortagage payment.
    So some peoples current houses might qualify for HUD.

    Good Luck
  11. cct

    cct Member

    It is my understanding the you can only get paid a maximum of $620 for working part-time and no more than $850 working full-time.

    If you earn more than $620, you are subject to review. If you work full-time for more than 3 months, then you may lose your benefits.

    Also, I have been told, that I am not eligable for SSI because I receive $50 too much every month (I also only receive $1000/month) and because I receive so much money from SSD, I will never be eligable for any welfare or SSI ! ! !
  12. mn1superior

    mn1superior New Member

    This is to maybe help you find help for your house, I live in Minnesota here we have a agensy that that is called lakes and pines it will help pay for electric and heating and also if your house needs help, they have a fund for helping you. Go to your social service and ask them if you could get some help. As far as only making 700.00 or more a month from ssd I recieve 623.00 a month and I have had to sell my house and move a mobile home into my parents land and also take in a roommate who pays me 300.00 a month, it should be more but he is also on a fixed income. I just lost my father due to conjestive heart failure{he was sick for quite somtime], but now mom is really having a hard time coping with it, he has been gone for 2 months now, and they were married for 56yrs.
    Oh by the way Iam 53 and have fibro-cfs-DD- and oa please say a prayer for me and mine and I will for you and yours.
  13. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp) and others want us to do more for illegal immigrants (health care). WHAT ABOUT US AMERICANS? Maybe we should go illegally into some other country and get help? Fat chance of that. lol
  14. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    and I only get $632 and $83.87. Luckily my son gets child support but I am way below poverty level.I own nothing but a car.I am too poor to ever own a house and my credit is ruined forever.If I ever had someone live with me or I ever got married,my SSI woould be taken away.How will I ever survive when I no longer get child support.Live in a cardboard box.
  15. KyPainiac

    KyPainiac New Member

    I live on $606.00 a month and live with a friend. This arrangement is coming to an end and I called a rental community about their one bedroom units for the elderly and disabled.....funded under section eight. In this county, there is a 2 1/2 year waiting list for the voucher.

    After the Gulf Coast hurricaines, HUD monies were shifted about and rerouted. Last year HUD funds for elderly housing were reduced by 26%. The funds for the disabled were reduced by 50%. Not only were the funds for rent subsidies for these groups reduced, the money for site aquisition and brick and mortar for new communities all but eliminated.

    As it now stands, it looks like I am stranded in a rural community that does not meet my medical or social needs. The van ride into civilization is long and painful which is why my doctor strongly advised me to move into town.

  16. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I don't have a toilet to call my own even :-(
  17. cmt49829

    cmt49829 New Member

    after my part B and my prescription INS is deducted each month I end up with. $98.00 for SSD.
  18. KyPainiac

    KyPainiac New Member

    I am the first one to recognize that I am in good financial shape compared to many. Evidently we must not need much money as HUD funding for the elderly is scheduled for another 22% reduction for 2008 and the disabled another 47%. Pretty soon we will be paying for the priviledge of being disabled.
  19. jodboga

    jodboga New Member

    there are programs for energy assistance (gas and electric )
    my mom never pays more than 59.00 a month for electric and get an amount towards her gas which is deducted until gone .
    There are also medical programs that do the same . The government tries to keep some of these quiet but the assistance office can point you in the right direction .good luck .also many states have grant programs for house repairs depending on age and income .
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  20. California31

    California31 New Member

    Your SSD payment is most likely over the maximum of SSI benefits even with paydown....but as some have suggested there are some programs that can help with may be on those's probably best to talk to someone in state medicaid a spend down may help you with any medical bills not covered by medicare....each state is so different. It is astounding, but there are alot of people living at and below poverty level in the US. I hope you can keep your home....

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