SSD Psychiatric Exam-what was it's purpose??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by contessa, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. contessa

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    Had SSD Consulting Exam-psychiatric exam yesterday. Why waste taxpayer money for this. The doc cut me off half-way through my answers, kept asking me what was wrong, what and when I had symptoms etc (he was with the same clinic I was already seeing when my symptoms started and he had my record in his lap!!). Anyone else tired of explaining yourself 4-5 times per month to medical people who already have your record. Same with meds-I finally just game him my copy of SSD appl that listed symptoms and meds. Then come the questions - what is 2x9? Listed numbers starting with group of 3 and adding until he got to 7 numbers; I had to repeat the numbers. Then count from 100 backwards by 3's. Another set of numbers but had to repeat them backwards. What is the diff between a lie and a mistake? Exam over - Then he talked to my husband for approx 3 mins. What did I prove-that I can lose my temper, that I'm intelligent, that I can repeat numbers if I shut my eyes and concentrate hard and that the diff between a lie and a mistake is that a lie is intentional and a mistake isn't. Since I'm already on private disability insurance I would think this would have already been covered in my other specialists reports. I loved the therapist I was seeing here, hated the MD because he didn't know how to treat my symptoms - and both agreed I had no mental health issues so I left and went elsewhere for treatment. Do you think they sent me back because I left their clinic with unresolved issues, or just that it was the only one avail in the area. As a note, the SSD is office steps away from this clinic, but because of my address I can't go here - I have to go to one 1-1/2 hours east of me. Now the state has the job of handling the records anyway. Sorry, I just had to vent-I am so angry at this jerk because he really didn't care. Was he just making tick marks on right/wrong - yes/no answers. He sure didn't have time to actually write anything down-if he had waited for me to finish my answer (which were much shorter than this posting - HA).
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    I have been through the same tests. It is for depression and cognitive thinking to see if our condition really does affect our mind....I was hurting so bad the day I had mine that I messed up a lot.
    It was 20 degrees below zero and I couldn't get warm. I did the whole interview with my snow suit on and still wearing my winter packs on my feet. I had to move from a straight back chair to an arm chair and the therapist took note of my visable pain. In the end, they said I was in chronic depression. Gee, I wonder why? LOL. Just another one of my worst experiences... Hang in there. Goodday
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    I've been through the drill 3 times.I've been on SSDI since 1994.They ask the same questions every time.The last time I went the doctor wanted to know why I answered the questions so fast. I told him that this is the third time I've been through it and I know the questions by heart. He laughed when he asked for the last 4 presidents and I said do you want Bush,Clinton,Clinton,Bush,Reagan,Reagan?The appointment lasted approx. 5 minutes and how they can tell if I am still disabled from it when I answer all the questions right and timely is a wonder to me but you have to go through with it.
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    She went last week. Has her MD eval for SSDI next week. We'll see how the next one goes, but she was very pleasantly suprised with the psych. He was actually nice to her, wasn't mean or anything. They hit it off real well. Hope his report is as good.

    Now if we can just find an MD like that she could switch from the rheumatologist she has. He is treating her for FM but only sort of believes in it. She got her dx end of last year. Hasn't been able to work in over 2 years.