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    Hello All,

    Does anyone know how to speed up the process of finding out SSD approval/decline status? I have called a few times and they have said that my case is being reviewed by the last person. They said I was supposed to know before the end of July. I can't seem to get any other news. Can we find out on-line before the letter arrives?? My State disability account ran out in July after 54 weeks of receiving funds. I am clearly unable to work or I would be out there...I love work. I have been off work for 20 months now. Maybe they don't want to pay the backpay....who knows! If anyone knows of any way of getting an answer, please let me know. I live in California if that makes any difference.

    Thank you...anxious in California
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    thank you for the suggestion...I will check it
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    bump...there must be a way to get an answer from SSD. My case is on the last person's desk for approval (I hope). It's been on their desk for about 5 weeks now. I would be so grateful if anyone had an idea or experience in speeding up the last SSD case review doctor. My contact person will not help or give me the name of the last reviewing doctor. She will say that everything is complete and it left her desk on such date for the final review. Out of funds in California :>(

    thanks again...Jan
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    Call the office of your state representative...most have a staff person that follows social security issues.
    Ask them to do an inquiry on your behalf. You may have to sign an authorization for them to do it...they can fax it to you.
    My rep had a great staff. My case was followed from my first denyal until it was sent to the ALJ. It really helps keep things moving when an inquiry is on your file.

    Good luck