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    SSD REFORM PETITION 02/28/07 08:24 PM

    A few days ago , I stumbled on this petition. I think it could be useful and helpful to most of us here. If you read it and agree , please sign and forward to all of your family and friends.

    If you click on view signatures , you can read about other bad experiences that people have had. If you want to add your story or opinion , please add your input , before you sign , in the comment box.

    Also , the site that wrote and supports this petition , can be very helpful and informative for those of us that are still fighting for Social Security Disability. The person that wrote this petition has actually testified in the US Congress regarding SSD.

    I mean this in a positive manner...."The Lord helps those who help themselves..." ...So please read , sign , and forward if YOU agree !!!!!

    If this info helps just one person , then it was worth the effort !

    Blessings ,


    (btw , I receieved an email approval from Tech Support here before I posted this link and info.)

    *I tried to make this a "clickable" link , but I don't know how to do this on this board....

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    I signed it. There are over 6000 signatures so far. Not sure it will do much good tho.

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    I sort of look at it this way.

    At times , it would be easy for many of us fighting these DD's to give up. But , if we do that , we've lost.

    I vote and I speak my mind with our government. If I don't , I've given up and lost there too.

    If you go to the site that sponsored this petition , you will find where they have helped several people navigate through an impossible SSD system. Part of SSA's and our government's "game plan" is to make people give up.

    Blessings ,
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    I hope it will apply to SSI as well.

    Here in Georgia, there is at least a 2.5 years backlog waiting for court hearings after 2nd turn-down...

    my son's attorney told us there were only about 11 judges in our state, and about 80,000 cases backlogged currently, despite all the Katrina victims relocated here (same problems I think in other southern states).

    all the best,

    PS: I just signed it; but I noticed that the year mentioned in the first paragraph was 2003; I'm wondering how viable this petition is or if there is a more current one for this year... I wrote the author, & will let you know what she says.

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    I hope everybody who is on any of the boards here signs this!!!

    "Absolutely the petition is still viable (there is no new version) and we are getting more and more comments/signatures on it everyday which are continually being forwarded to the SSA, Congress and the media. The more comments/signatures the better but please do not sign it again if you already have. Please continue to spread the word. Thanks much - be well!"
    Linda Fullerton - President/Co-Founder
    Social Security Disability Coalition

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    so this doesn't get lost....